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A Sampson-Schmidt Announcement

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A Sampson-Schmidt Announcement

Post by Miztacular on Sun Jun 25, 2017 12:32 pm

The camera opens for episode eighteen of Ferocity to the sound of the current General Manager of Ferocity Laura Sampson-Schmidt's theme blaring throughout the arena to an overwhelming howl of boo's following Laura's betrayal of her brother not long ago on Monday Night Fusion.She comes out from the back with a different aura about her, dismissing the boo's as if they're nothing, laughing them off as she makes her way down the ring, where she'd normally be high fiving she's now taunting, making her usual round around the ring to retrieve a microphone from the timekeepers area before scaling the steel steps and stepping into the ring where she stands for a moment, shaking her head giving the crowd her pity before she turns to the hard camera and raises her microphone to her mouth...

Laura Sampson-Schmidt:
Shut it!

The crowd continues on smothering her with their boo's to which she simply lets off a smirk, rolling her eyes.

Laura Sampson-Schmidt:

Laura turns towards the camera and winks, knowing Schmidty was watching that one at home, the crowd continue on with their boo's but Sampson continues on ignoring them.

Laura Sampson-Schmidt:
It's nice to have this peace and quiet while I talk... I completely understand why Matthew does this now. Sure, the cheering was nice, but this peaceful air, that's what I need, because Ladies and Gentlemen of the CMV Universe I have an announcement to make! Because this is of course, at the end of the day the best place in the Industry for Womens Wrestling, and what better way to show off our talent, than to take them through the battles, the tests of strength that my dear Schmidty has had to go through on his rise here in CMV!

You see with iMPLOSION on the horizon, we have to bring the best we have, for we are the first event across this two day special, and as such, I have some announcements to make here tonight! Firstly, the debut of the newly crafted CMV Womens Tag Team Championship will occur during the show! But hold your horses ladies and gentlemen, you see I'm not going to have some plain old fashioned two vs two tag team match to determine our first ever CMV Womens Tag Team Champions, you see, as I mentioned earlier, we are going to put all of these tag teams through the kind of hell that Schmidty has had to go through, because if any of you in the back feel you deserve to be the first ever tag team champions, you have to have at least HALF the heart Schmidty has! Because if there is anyone in CMV who knows anything about CMV, it's Schmidty, he's had to go through hoops after hoops to get what he deserves, that CMV Undisputed Championship. So, I'm going to put each and everyone of these tag teams through hoops, because at iMPLOSION, to crown the first ever CMV Womens Tag Team Championships, each available tag team will compete in a GAUNTLET MATCH!

Sampson lowers her microphone for a moment, the crowd still booing at the sound of Schmidty's name, but she continues to pretend not to hear.

Laura Sampson-Schmidt:

No.. Still complaining huh.. Still not appreciating mine and Schmidty's contributions to this company? So be it...


Now where was I? Ah... Announcements! People of Ferocity, we are less than three months away from the second annual CMV Womens Money in the Bank Match, and when iMPLOSION comes, it'll be two months, so we will be confirming our first entrant in the Vixens Money in the Bank Match nice and early... You see, speaking of appreciation, it is not just the crowd that should be appreciating my efforts, but all these Vixens in the back too, and so, to remind you all who pays your checks, to determine the first entrant for this years Womens Money in the Bank, six Vixens will take part in the first EVER Sampson-Schmidt Appreciation Battle Royal!

You see, the Money in the Bank is a brutal contest and we need to ensure our Vixens are all ready for the kind of brutality that it entails, it requires toughness and endurance, something that my Schmidty has in abundance, and to prove exactly who has this toughness, this endurance one winner will have to outlast five other Vixens to earn their spot!

And to give all of these tag teams, and all of these individuals competing in the Sampson-Schmidt Appreciation Battle Royal, here is some inspiration!

Laura Sampson-Schmidt drops the microphone as a massive poster of Schmidty's face unravels from the ceiling behind her, she raises her hand saluting the poster of Schmidty to the crowds disdain as the camera fades to black.

Matthew wrote: Hayden is so much better than Schmidty in every way.

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