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Pitstop; Feeling Left Out

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Pitstop; Feeling Left Out

Post by Tim on Sun Jun 25, 2017 7:34 am

As UnMatched roles on, mid way through the card the titantron lights up with an unfamiliar tune and entrance video. A bright orange background appears on the giant screen and the UnMatched faithful look perplexed. Suddenly the name "Tim LaFave" slides into the center. Without a moment of hesitation the crowd flares with excitement as Tim's song begins to play.

Mr. Gnashtastic
Whuh? Is that...?

Tim comes out from behind the ribbontron and points to the ground then at to the crowd. As he makes his way down the ramp the crowd reaches out and Tim obliges by slapping five with the audience lined alongside the ramp. After that, Tim gently tosses his hat into the crowd and rolls into the ring.

Mr. Gnashtastic
Tim LaFave, Genesis #1 Draft Pick and first Alpha World Championship has come to UnMatched?!

Tim wanders to the far side of the ring, asking for a microphone to which the ringside crew agrees. As the crowd comes to silence, Tim taps the mic and it's reverberations sound through out UnMatched's venue.

Tim LaFave

The crowd explodes with cheers, letting it be known that their brand is the brand.

Tim LaFave
I love the energy, I love it. I think this is my first time here... Ever... Which is sad really, plenty of great talent here on this show. This and Intensity. And let's not forget the bad assery featured on Ferocity? Right?

The crowd cheers again at the mention of the collection of hardened and strong females featured on Ferocity.

Tim LaFave
That's all well and good and everything... It really is. I'm glad I got to be here for this. But something is eating away at me. Something serious.

Last week, my brother-in-arms, my family, Paul Divine, showed himself with Hayden and Quantum.

The crowd again lets their voice be heard at the reminder of the small reunion in the main event of last weeks UnMatched.

Tim LaFave
I'd like to think of myself as a loyal man. More so than many. That may be conceited but it doesn't make it any less true. And that night, when Paul Divine, Hayden and Quantum shared that moment. Reminding you of the OG3 of XGEN. I felt hurt.

I sat at home, watching that moment and I felt broken. And I thought to myself: "Good for them." But suddenly... that feeling of good tidings turned to feelings of betrayal. "Betrayal" you might ask? "What do you mean?"

Well... I may not be an OG. I may not been here for the beginning and the middle. But I'm here now. Still here. Waving this XGEN flag. And my "brothers" are else where, doing their own things. They say XGEN never dies. And that's a pretty good excuse to be selfish, but it's not a good enough excuse from me. To me, XGEN is about loyalty, family, brotherhood. And yet... Paul Divine left for Fusion at the first moment he could. Quantum left for this wonderful show, at the first moment he could... Kent abandoned us. Hayden abandoned us. Jefferson abandoned us. Lee abandoned us. And now, when all the people are gone... the truly loyal remain.

Here I am Paul. Here I am Quantum. Still waving this flag... and yet, you're not here with me... I'll never leave, I'll never quit. But as of now, I mean more to XGEN than Paul or Quantum. Why? Because I'm... still... here...

XGEN is my life. It's where I learned. And I won't allow other people to claim they're XGEN. They're OGs, just because they were there at the beginning.

I'm here now, still...

I was just feeling a little left out... That's all.

A mix of cheers and boos, sympathizers and naysayers sound off through out the venue.

Tim lets his arm fall to his side, and lightly opens his hands allowing the mic to slip from his fingers. His music begins to play as he slips out of the ring and returns up the ramp. Tim waves to the crowd with true sincerity as he disappears backstage...
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Re: Pitstop; Feeling Left Out

Post by Matthew on Sun Jun 25, 2017 12:16 pm



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