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Burning Reunion

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Burning Reunion

Post by Decided Villain on Sat Jun 24, 2017 9:16 pm

CMV NETWORK EXCLUSIVE CMV Unmatched Card: Ep. 46 (#254)

Sunshine is seen in the background as Lisa Evans is promoting CMV merchandise soon to be on sale. Sunshine, with anger in his step, walks over to where she is being filmed and snatches the camera off of the man holding it. He yells at the people there to "LEAVE!! hahaha" as he kicks the merchandise table on its side. He then begins to film himself as he has something to say about the main event.

Sunshine : Laaaadies and gentlemannnn give it up for X... GENNNNNNN, and the crowd goes mild with a faint boo in the background! WHAT A MOMENT. I... Don't... Care. At least now we know that we can show up where ever we want I guess right!? I miss you Schmidty HahahaHAhahahahaha... What happened out there does not matter. In the slightest. Hayden I let you have your... Moment... out there tonight. But I hope you know... There will be no time travelers to help you come Implosion, you know that right? This haha... This reminds me of a story. A story about someone called Icarus. You see Icarus was warned to never let his wings of wax get too close to the sun, but pride can make people do foolish things, and as Icarus neared the sun his wings began to boil and melt. Icarus fell into the ocean and was never heard from again. Is this you Hayden? You are nearing the sun day by day... but unfortunately for you. The sun is also moving.

Hayden you have shown me many things in my time here in CMV. You showed me exactly what you are in this life. And one of those things, to put it very bluntly, is a great wrestler hahaha. Except when we finally meet one on one, you can be the best wrestler in the world and it's not going to save you. Because when we meet it wont just be any wrestling match. Ever since you decided to target your sights on me, I have thought of when we will finally meet one on one. When it finally comes down to it, you won't be able to run. You won't be able to hide. You'll be able to out wrestle me all you want. You could pin me a dozen times and it won't matter because I am going to be at my very damn best, and you're not going to get away, and for every time you hit me like some piece of garbage... I'm going to hit you back harder...

You know... As I watched that false champion get tapped out by you. I couldn't help but think about how that was going to be one of the last times you'll experience happiness, experience what its like to have people close to you. Hayden, there is a pale horse on the horizon and the rider is me. You, you don't even know, but your are on the brink of life and I... I am your reaper. I will not save your world. I will watch it burn. You can't hide from me. No one can hide from me. Everything burns Hayden! And at Implosion you're gonna burn too.

Sunshine drops the camera, causing the lens to crack. Sunshine is seen kicking the table until he notices a
Hayden Kiteley shirt that isn't yet available to the CMV Community. Sunshine then goes off screen. 30 seconds go by before Sunshine enters the frame again but with lighter fluid and matches. People can be heard yelling as Sunshine to stop down the hall, but Sunshine doesn't listen. The whole table, as well as the shirts that are on the ground go up in flames as Sunshine begins to laugh. The whole room smokes up as you hear people running to the scene to get it under control.


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