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Welcome to your Downfall

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Welcome to your Downfall

Post by Childish Meltzer on Thu Jun 22, 2017 4:05 pm

Static......the screen fades in from black, but only to show what appears to be part of a poorly lit building, a single wall light visible on screen, flickering. It's not immediately clear where the location is, but it is conceivably an abandoned warehouse or an underground parking lot, judging by the hard concrete floor and the dirty stone wall. There is a sound of footsteps, echoing through the empty space. A figure appears into shot from the side, features obscured by shadows. All that is apparent is that the figure appears masculine, and a prominent beard just visible in the half light. He turns to face the camera, standing with his hands folded behind his back. The shadowy figure appears to incline his head in acknowledgement.
He reaches into his pocket, removing a box of cigarettes. He tips the box, paper stick sliding from a hole in the cardboard and landing on his white undershirt. He stuffs the battle-worn box back into his coat, and this time withdraws a zippo lighter

They said "I'd never be anything..."

They said "I'd never go anywhere..."

And They said "I was nothing more than a gimmick..."

Well, now, it's time to stick it to "They".

In one swift motion the lighter is opened and lit showing the figure to be Chet Taylor.  The cigarette is lit, and a long drag of the cigarette is taken. Chet removes the cigarette from his mouth, tapping it against the wall to dislodge loose ash. The cigarette is held in between his fingers.

Chet Taylor
I think there are about a million more places I'd like to be right now, as opposed to some backwoods state of confusion you call a brand. Still, important things have happened on the wrestling scene lately that could hardly fail to capture my attention. As I sat at home, these last few months, I was forced to suffer  indignity of listening to a bold herald, a declaration of superiority by the powers that be of some place where it's hardly worth being.

As he talks, two other figures step in to shot, also heavily obscured by shadows. One is a very large man, his arms are folded in front of him and he stands there, still, imposing so that has to be Tyler Raze. The second is smaller in stature, but he has a sense of vicious energy about him. He twitches, and through a half light a snarl can be seen on his face. So that's obviously Cody Douglas.

Chet Taylor
This company never gave a damn about me.
Never gave me the time of day...you all saw how my first run went, if I may break the fourth wall. I came here because I thought maybe, maybe things would be different here it had the potential to live up to my expectations...but I knew just as soon as I got here I'll be back in the undercard in no time at all.
That's the problem with this company, nobody knows what talent is...but I know better than all of you what talent is! I'm the king of this business, and I'm the Emperor of this company! Intensity is part of my global empire scheme, and there's nothing anyone can do to stop me! So I plucked forth the lieutenant and made him my general...and the martyrdom stops here.The men that stands behind me, we are binded together. I didn't choose them, they didn't choose me. See, on one hand you have my good friend, Cody Douglas, a misunderstood human being, see... you treat him like an animal and a savage.
Then on the other hand you have Tyler Raze... young, jacked, good looking kid with the whole world ahead of him. But the fact is, he still lost in this business, he can't find a spot in the world, hell, he can't find a spot on the card... Well, instead of waiting for the invites he's now forcing his way in!...
This company has done all it can, there is nothing more that we may be offered! And so I, the benevolent dictator, will light the stake and the fuse will burn for months on end before this rotting carcass of a company bursts aflame! And from the ashes will rise a phoenix not of conglomeracy, not of moorish failures with business degrees, but of the few true gladiators that reside in my kingdom of chaos!
What you see here is but the beginning. Only the worthy will survive, and I will eliminate the weak Aaron Waite was just the first. If you have true power you need not heed my warning, but if you are in the path of our force...

Douglas and Raze move together, closer to the light so that they can both be seen.

Chet Taylor
...prepare to stand aside, for the Downfall Syndicate

The feed dies


Childish Meltzer
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Re: Welcome to your Downfall

Post by Decided Villain on Thu Jun 22, 2017 9:37 pm

this fucking font


Decided Villain
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