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The sound of the Belle

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The sound of the Belle

Post by Miztacular on Thu Jun 22, 2017 12:39 pm

Midway through episode 18 of Ferocity the camera opens up to an empty arena coming off of a commercial break however the sound of silence is shortlived as the theme of the current CMV Womens Undisputed Champion hits the PA system to the hometown cheer live in Connecticut...

And out she comes, with the belt hung over her shoulder, longtime CMV Veteran of the Vixens Division makes her way out from the back, cracking a rare smile for the hometown crowd, raising a fist in the air for a brief moment before making her way down the ramp, circling around towards the timekeepers area to retrieve herself a microphone before sliding into the ring under the bottom rope. Now standing in the ring Cooper lifts her CMV Womens Undisputed Championship off her shoulder into the air showing it to the hometown crowd for a huge pop, a moment goes by and Cooper hangs the belt back over her shoulder, letting the crowd simmer down before she begins to talk.

Megan Cooper:
It is nice to be back HOME! I stand before you all today, for the first time in a CMV ring in my near two year CMV Career, a two time CMV Vixens Champion and the first ever CMV Womens Undisputed Champion. That's right Connecticut... Finally, we have a Champion again!

The crowd rises to their feet in applause for their Hometown hero causing Cooper to let off another one of her rare grins, she gestures for the crowd to settle and allow her to continue on.

Megan Cooper:
You know, when I grew up here, it wasn't easy, I had to scratch and claw in my early life, and I am blessed to have gone through all of those things because they have made me what I am today. So I have to thank you Connecticut for giving me what I have today, what WE have today. But that's not all that I am to be thankful for. We may not be in touch as much anymore, but I have to thank The Illustrious Cole Savage for taking me in, a young scrappy hot headed wrestler with no respect for the game, and turn me into a Champion, someone that you can all be proud of.

But I can't keep my mind on the past, It's nice to look back and see what brought me here, and I'm thankful for everything, zero regrets on my end. But I need to look forward towards iMPLOSION, where I defend my... OUR CMV Womens Undisputed Championship against this years Royal Rumble winner. Kitty Quinn-Belle. The Queen of Botchville, The Queen of Bitchslaps. Well let me tell you people of Connecticut! I have the utmost confidence that come iMPLOSION, I will walk out STILL your CMV Womens Undisputed Champion, We've had this belt two months now, and as long as I'm still kicking, Connecticut will still have a belt.

But speaking of Quinn, I have a message for you Kitty. We've fought before, I've beaten you before, and I respect you, how can I not respect you? You've done wonders for your career this season, only being pinned once since the incursion of Ferocity! But I feel as if you do not respect me, I feel as if you are overlooking me, you're picking fights with other members of the roster, you're looking right past me and I urge you to think otherwise. Because if you come into our bout, relaxed, unprepared, I will finish you and I will finish you quickly don't mistake my respect, my kindness for a weakness Quinn, you can be the Queen of Bitchslaps all you want, but I took a lot harder hits from Samantha Steel than any of your slaps. I've never given up in my life so don't expect a tap from me. When we get into this ring, on the grandest Pay Per View of the year.it's going to be a battle of determination and toughness and I know you have toughness, that "Belle" is going to ring and we are going to fight, that's all there is to it but if there's one thing I can be certain of, is that at the end of the night, after we go to war, my hand will be raised, and for the second time this season your shoulders will be pinned to the mat for the three count, the only variable is how long it will take before you go down, which all depends on whether or not you are truly focused for this fight... I've beaten you before, and it's going to happen again Quinn.

Perhaps if you were born in another decade, you would have a chance to be a Champion once more, but at iMPLOSION it just won't be your time. You're very good, but as long as I am around, very good, is second place. There isn't going to be any celebration for you winning the belt one year after you lost it, but only disappointment when you fall in second once again, and for that... For that Quinn. I am truly sorry...

Megan Cooper drops the microphone onto the canvas to the pop of the crowd, and just for them, her hometown crowd, she once again lifts the CMV Womens Undisputed Championship up into the air, showing the world that she is Connecticut's Champion. However, before she is able to finish her moment with the hometown crowd, she is interrupted by the theme of her iMPLOSION opponent.

-Open to Topher

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Re: The sound of the Belle

Post by 316topher on Thu Jun 22, 2017 2:05 pm

admins, making me promo all damn week, lol

Quinn walks out as the fans chant BOTCH, BOTCH, BOTCH, she walks down that isle, over to the time keeper’s area and takes a mic, she walks up the steel steps and through the ropes, does her cheeky rope taunt, looks Cooper square in the face , raises her mic and begins to speak.

Quinn : Nice speech Cooper, but you want to talk about respect then insult me….you think I’m overlooking you, when I’m preparing myself, honey you’re so wrong, you’ve held that Championship for awhile now, holding a title is no easy fete when everyone is gunning for you. I’ve been there and know how difficult it is, but when I get challenged by an old rival who is trash talking me and threatening my title opportunity, then I will…. And I did take action, I dealt with Angelica Jones before she became a threat, make no mistake about it these fights are pushing myself, pushing myself to become the best that I can be… Respect, if I didn’t respect you, I could have easily  just slapped the lips of your face, so be thankful that I do respect you.
But for someone who says they can’t keep there mind in the past, you sure do like to talk about it. I couldn’t help but hear you mention our past fight from last season, yea you may have won that one, but I got news for you, I learn and adapt, you see when I debuted Jade Divine was beating me over and over again, and true she did beat me at Ascendance for the then Vixens Championship, but I want you to remember a week or so later I defeated her and never even got a 1 on 1 rematch, infact I defeated her several times. So bragging that you beat me once, really doesn’t mean a damn thing. I mean Fury pinned  me in our 1st meeting, what did I do, I took her to Hell in Cell and became The Champ. The past is the past, my sights are straight ahead …. To the future…………. and what I see is me and you stealing the show, but don’t worry about how hard I hit….. Worry about me taking your Championship Belt… You say you’ve never given up and wont  tap, well when I lock in that Irish-Sleeper, I wont give you time to tap, I’ll put you to sleep and believe me I am capable of doing it, …Or maybe worry about a Botch-Plex  and me pinning your shoulders in the middle of that ring, and when that happens you can reflect on your past some more, while I hold up my Championship Title.  
So at Implosion bring your A-Game, because sweety I will… and if your not prepared The Queen of Botch-Plex and The Queen of Bitch-Slaps will become The Queen of all of CMV when I defeat you for the CMV Woman’s Undisputed Championship.

The fans are super excited for this match at Implosion and are marking out and cheering for both women, the scene fades as Quinn-Belle and Megan Cooper staring at each other, as Cooper raises The Woman’s Undisputed Championship.


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