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Welcoming Party

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Welcoming Party

Post by Miztacular on Thu Jun 22, 2017 10:48 am

Episode 46 of UnMatched kicks off to the sound of Hayden "Showtime" Kiteley's theme blaring throughout the arena receiving a mixed reaction from the crowd, he's a legend, but man has he rubbed sunshine the wrong way and the crowd can't quite pick which side of the fence to put themselves on as made very clear by this packed arena tonight. After a few moments pass, Hayden comes out from the back, a microphone in hand as always, in his ring gear and prepped for tonights Main Event. He looks around the crowd with somewhat of a cocky grin upon his face rubbing his beard with his hand, nodding his head. After taking the time to soak up the crowd he begins to make his way down the ramp towards the ring in which he scales the steps and makes his way across the apron stepping in between the ropes and into the ring, a slight spring in his steps as he looks towards the hard camera and raises the microphone to his mouth.

Hayden "Showtime" Kiteley:
I've come down here today, to bless each and everyone of you in the crowd, and everyone watching around the world with my prescence, my voice as I give you the lay of the land after what transpired this passed Sunday at Blood Rush... Where I dismantled Boso like the clown he is might I add... Nonetheless, as you all evidently noticed last week, I was unable to make the show, and I'm sure you all know why, but for those who don't, let me take a second to remind you...

Hayden lowers his microphone for a moment as he turns towards the titantron, raising a finger and standing in wait for the highlight to play while the crowd looks on.

The camera pans back to Hayden in the center of the ring, shaking his head in disappointment as he continues to talk.

Hayden "Showtime" Kiteley:
Now I'm not going to make any excuses for that, there was an opening, my guard was down and he took it, and I can't blame him, I mean every time we've crossed paths I have come out on top. In all the years CMV has been open Sunshine has NOT ONCE gotten a win over me. I've beaten him Season after Season, having his number at every turn, including just over a month ago at Takeover when I took him out of that Main Event, removing him from the CMV World Championship Title Picture, and let me tell you something Sunshine, if this is a road you want to go down, after everything I've done to you over the years, then so be it. But I can assure you that this time there's no coming back for you.

I have never understood why people fear you Sunshine, you're nothing more than a weak, frail man who hides behind a mask taken straight out of the drama club. You look like one of those nerds at Comic Con with a terrible Jason Voorhees costume. You don't scare me Sunshine, in fact if anything.... I think I scare you.

You see, you're pretty predictable, which might take a lot of you people in the crowd by surprise, but he is. Sunshine has been the same deluded, wannabe psychopath since the start, you're predictably unpredictable... What I mean by that is, you're crazy, I get that, but you do the same stuff over and over, it's so forced, I can tell it's not who you are, I can tell it's nothing more than an act Sunshine, the fans may not realise it, but you and I both know that underneath your "craze" you're just a little softy who's probably annoyed about something that happened in your childhood, maybe your father never loved you? I don't know you tell me... But what I do know is that you're fake... That's why I'm not scared of you Sunshine, because you see, I am crazy, I can snap at any time, and unlike you... I am legit, I am real and I can see right through your fake lies. THAT.... Is why I scare you..

You're a scary guy, and that is what drives you, that is what gives you confidence, but when someone crazier, someone scarier enters the room you cower... Don't deny it Sunshine... When have we EVER... Seen you take cheap shots before... That's right... Last time we went at it before I beat you for YOUR TITLE.... Nobody gets to you Sunshine.... Nobody except me...

I'm sure you're sitting backstage, rubbing your forehead, feeling antsy, because the secret is out Sunshine... But i'll give you a chance to prove the world wrong. Come out here, come out here and stand toe to toe with me like a man, no cheap underhanded tactics, nothing, just me, you, here in the ring, face to face... Unless, you're scared?!

Come on Sunshine, come and meet the welcoming party... Welcome back to UnMatched.

Hayden leans on the ropes with a smile on his facing, fully expecting Sunshine to no show when....

-Open to Aaron.

Matthew wrote: Hayden is so much better than Schmidty in every way.

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Re: Welcoming Party

Post by Decided Villain on Thu Jun 22, 2017 10:40 pm

The familiar transition airs and Sunshine is now standing in the ring, mic in hand, face to face with Hayden. Hayden's smile has turned into a smirk as he gazes into the eyes of the former World Champion, Sunshine. The crowd are electric as these two future hall of famers share the ring. Sunshine with hate in his eyes begins to speak.

Sunshine : Here I am. In the ring, not afraid, not afraid to look at a coward trying to find his former glory... I've always despised you Hayden. Ever since I first saw you, I knew you were going to be the scum of the earth, and I was right. Ever since season one you have been handed all these opportunities and I'll give it to you, you took full advantage of it. Even grabbed a bunch of time travelers to help you. Back in the early seasons,  when I was laying, and I was conscious... and I could move haha, but it was very hard to move, and when I looked up to the ceiling, well, I heard something in my... in my ears that, I gotta tell you the truth, it kinda made me sick! That's... there was an announcement being made, thanking the fans for coming to the CMV event... and they said something about Hayden "Blade" Kiteley... and, uh, yeah, people... people started chanting his name... But that time has passed, you should have been finished with this company. You don't belong here anymore. You should be in Hollywood, but you're not... You're haha... You're here.

But why is that? Actually no, nooo haha no. I don't care. Why did you come back to ruin me! See what you've done was more then just cross a line. You destroyed history, you destroyed a past that has been stuck with me all my life, you even destroyed opportunities. For me, for her. I would walk straight through the fires of hell to face you, Hayden, and when you look into my eyes, you will understand why, I am one of the most feared people in this company. I have always taken a lot of chances, risks in this ring and some very bad things have happened to me over the years, but I've always had the comfort of knowing that when I looked at my career, my legacy, the things I accomplished, the things I had set my heart on... that it was always worth the pain. But now hahaha... Now none of that means a GOD damn thing to me until you are in the ground.

You think you know me Hayden, you think you understand how I am, you THINK you know what I am going to do next Hayden but you don't. But I know what you're going to do. See if I attack you, you're going to take it like the soft b-list actor you are. If I don't attack you, you are just going to verbally assault me aren't you. You're going to say the same thing hundreds of people have said before, then just walk out like the coward you are. But if you attack me Hayden. If you attack me, things only get worse for you hahaha

Sunshine spreads his arms out to the sides, focusing his eyes on Hayden, waiting for him to do something.

Open to Hayden


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Main Event Star!

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