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No Gold, No Praise, Just Revenge

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No Gold, No Praise, Just Revenge

Post by Tim on Tue Jun 20, 2017 9:08 pm

As the match between Benjamin Black, Breakthrough and Markus and Jason Reed comes to a close, the victorious Black and Breakthrough stand tall. Each on their respective turnbuckle, their arms raised high. Benjamin hops off the ropes and calls for a microphone.

Mr. Gnashtastic
Oh look here, Benjamin Black got something to say..

The ringside crew member hustles to deliver a Intensity branded microphone to Black. Who snatches it viciously from the grasp of the bald staff member.

He walks to the center of the ring as the crowd's voices come to a silence. Breakthrough stands behind Ben and holds his hands in front of him.

Hello, everyone. You cheer for us, right now. But you didn't several months ago. I feel you don't even remember us. Short stints in Intensity and UnMatched. Under appreciated, under booked and mistreated. No more.

The crowd cheers blindly.

We aren't after gold, we aren't after praise. We're after revenge.

The crowds tune changes quickly to that of confused murmurs. Black snaps his fingers and Breakthrough immediately breaks his sentry-like stance and with blinding speed slides out of the ring.

Mr. Gnashtastic
Oh, oh, oh. What's he doing?

Suddenly the audio feed from his headset becomes loud, inaudible and muffled as from the hard camera's perspective Mizzy is dragged over the announce table and thrown into the ring. Just then Marcus and Jason attempt to protect Miz but are double clotheslined by Black and Breakthrough simultaneously as they slide into the ring. Miz attempts to scurry out of the ring but heels are grabbed by Breakthrough and pulled back into the ring. With no escape he backs into the corner with his hands up as Breakthrough towers over him, cracking his knuckles. He stands Miz up in the corner, pulls him out jumps onto the middle rope, turns and jumps to deliver a massive Enzugiri to the head of the poor commentator and falls flat on the mat.

The crowd boos even louder.

No one will be spared.

Again Ben snaps his fingers and without a missed moment, a large man comes from behind the ribbontron and slowly walks toward the ring. On his shirt he brandishes a similar logo to that of Breakthrough's jacket. When he reaches the ring, he puts one tree trunk leg over the rope and then the other. As he enters the ring and Breakthrough and Black give this intimidating enforcer room, Markus and Jason begin to stir. Markus gets to his feet first and with a powerful straight right hook, Markus is knocked out cold. Then Jason rises before he can ascertain his brother's fall he clasped by the right arm of the monster of man and his other arm slips under the armpit of Jason as the elevated triangle choke is cinched in. Jason flails for moments before becoming a motionless body. Without any remorse, the man opens his arms and lets the body of Jason crumple on the canvas.

With their work done all three men stand side by side.

We are Black Wallstreet and our revenge will be sweet as the corrupt money this promotion drags in. The locker room is on notice and so is management. We will not be ignored.

As the scene closes, the hard camera pans out to show the war torn ring that has the bodies of Intensity's beloved commentator and Jason and Markus. The only men to stand, are Benjamin, Breakthrough and the third and powerful man.

The scene cuts to commercial.
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