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Missing a big piece.

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Missing a big piece.

Post by Matthew on Tue Jun 20, 2017 5:12 pm

Right after the aggressive confrontation between Voodoo and Vindy, the music of the monster hits the PA System and out comes Brody Halleck with his voice, Wade Flanagan, walking close behind with a microphone in hand. They get a mild reaction, not too much heat but not too much praise. However the mood is set off of Brody's mean mugging facial expression. Obviously not happy about not being able to compete tonight which seems to be the likely subject that Wade will touch up on. The two reach the ring before slowly climbing in and standing in the center where Wade's voice then begins to echo throughout the arena.

Wade Flanagan
For those of you living under a rock, allow me to introduce to you, the TOWER OF DOMINANCE that is......Brody Halleck.....

The volume of the crowd increases slightly as he continues the introduction.

Wade Flanagan
And I am his advocate, Wade Flanagan, here to discuss an ISSUE!

Wade adjusts his shirt collar to his liking before releasing a quick sniffle and continuing.

Wade Flanagan
Brody Halleck came to the arena today, ready for a fight. And the fact that his challenge was attacked, he's very upset at this massive waste of his time. Not only is he upset about that, but both he and I noticed that uh........we don't see any rewards coming his way for beating Starr at Blood Rush. Hell, he should of got a reward a long damn time ago. For months now he's taken this show by storm and not ONE man has been able to pin or submit him. And quite frankly it's sickening that the grandest stage of em all is coming up and there's ALL these plans, but none that include Brody.....Halleck.

Brody just stands there and scours the crowd with a frustrated look on his face.

Wade Flanagan
Mr. Thomas Sullian has decided that an undefeated MONSTER doesn't deserve to be on iMPLOSION. Instead he's going to book all these boring faces who'll put your grandpa to sleep. That's how you can tell that Thomas Sullivan isn't a true business man. Because a true business man would put his money on the guy he can 100% count on. You put Brody Halleck in the ring against RAGE and it's guaranteed that he'd walk out with the Global Championship. But that's not going to happen is it? Nope. Instead we're expected to stand by and allow this disrespectful display of ignorance hold back my client from his TRUE destiny. Deny him his right to showcase the showcase of immortals. NOPE! Not going to happen, I am putting my foot down. This man beside me deserves to display his dominance in a history making way so here's my request. No. That won't work. Here's my demand!

Wade steps forward towards the camera.

Wade Flanagan
My client would like to be the first man to make his iMPLOSION debut and walk out 3-0 the same night. That's right folks. Thomas Sullivan we are challenging you to bring Brody Halleck not one but THREE opponents in back to back individual matches at iMPLOSION. He won't settle for just a measly one on one with a nobody. He gets that enough here on Intensity. He wants three of the best competitors you have available. So that way, after he beats every single one of them, there will be no excuse for not giving him a match for the Global Championship. Make it happen.

And with that, Wade drops the microphone and he and his client leave the ring.


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