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CMV Exclusive--Marcantel(After Genesis)

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CMV Exclusive--Marcantel(After Genesis)

Post by HardlineOyster on Sat Jun 17, 2017 12:10 pm

The camera fades into the catering area, and pans to the right slowly. The only problem is that well, most of the workers are kinda laying on the floor, and Marcantel is standing there dusting off the brawl.

Marcantel: God they never learn. Some people say I ruined the main event? Please if anything I save Ryan Kent. I saved your momentum Ryan, we already know that Borton would've beaten you like he mostly has. Now for those Smartasses out there, my attacks didn't fail, cause what did I do? I screwed with Kayden and Bortons minds, and got them off track, and it won't be long before I do the same thing to the other participants. And it won't be long, each dying second we get closer to Purgatory, and I am just counting down the hours until I can just utterly destroy all of you in that chamber. Then I will go on to Ascendence and get my first ever one on one title shot for the Alpha World title. Until then, just watch your back.
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