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CMV.com Exclusive:- ''A Message To Thomas Sullivan''-Buck Hollywood Promo

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CMV.com Exclusive:- ''A Message To Thomas Sullivan''-Buck Hollywood Promo

Post by BatmanBatemanEC3 on Fri Jun 16, 2017 3:55 pm

Interviewer *- ''Ladies And Gentleman Please Welcome My Guest At This Time Buck Hollywood''*-

I Don't Need You To Ask Questions, Your Work Here Is Done Darling Ill Take It From Here *-Buck Grabs Mic*-

How Long Thomas Sullivan. How Long ?. You Proclaim Yourself To Be Somewhat Of A Business Man? Well Let Me Bring You To Reality. Because Being the Fine Dandy , And Wealthy Man Iam I Know What To Look For When Looking For An Investment. Which Is Why Im Stunned, Mesmerised Infact At How You Can Call Yourself Just That. i Mean Anyone with a Business Mentality , Anyone With An eager Eye For The Next Big craze Would Soon Upon One Glance At His Dashing Face Realise That Buck Hollywood Is Just That. Iam Very Much A Diamond In The Rough Because Whilst I have Only Been Defeated ONCE...Just Once Since My Arrival Im Relegated To Teaming With Anthony Brown?! OF ALL PEOPLE!
I Don't Want This To Boil Down To A War Of Words , I Mean No Hatred But Thomas With The Biggest Blockbuster Of The Year In Implosion Just Round The Corner You Need The Box Office Numbers To Be High And With That You Need The A-Lister , You Need The Paparazzi Prince....YOU NEED....You Need MR. Box Office Smash....Of Course Im Referring To...Yours Truly. Whole Else ? I Mean Could You Imagine A World Without Me At Implosion ? Nah, Of Course You Dont Because In My Absence Comes No Revenue. *-Buck Pulls Out A £50 Note, Waves It In The Camera before letting it drop*- So Next Week Sullivan I Beg, I Urge You To Give Me Your BIGGEST... *- A More Serious Buck Removes His Sunglasses*- Give Me YOUR MOST ILLUSTRIOUS.....AND YOUR BEST Because I Want A Spot At Implosion But Most Importantly I DESERVE...A SPOT AT IMPLOSION,



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