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The Road...

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The Road...

Post by RiftedEnergy on Tue Jun 06, 2017 1:07 pm

The arena goes black, and the hype promo kicks off

The music hits... and Quantum emerges on the stage for what feels like the first time in a long time...

For 3... whole... minutes... he can't say a word as the crowd is absolutely ballistic. They should be booing, but most are cheering. Again, they shouldn't be, but the instant classic that was put on the night before is still fresh in their memories.

Before he speaks, another music slams the arena and the crowd can't contain themselves. Fusion's own, and newly crowned Royal Rumble winner, PAUL DIVINE makes his first appearance in an Unmatched Arena.

The two stand on the stage as the roar is deafening.

Quantum points to the iMplosion banner hanging above the ring. Divine claps and nods his head, suggesting they are talking about the same thing. He throws out some knuckles, and they fist bump.

They both look around the crowd, back at eachother, and then stare at the sign for 3 more seconds.

No words are spoken, as none are needed. The two brothers are headlining the two biggest shows the world has ever seen. Two careers filled with ups and downs, two men who have lived a lifetime a few times... Two Milestones.

They both make the "belt" pantomime and walk behind the curtain together

This road is going to get a little bumpy  

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Let the road begin

Post by RiftedEnergy on Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:45 am

Later on Unmatched, Quantums music hits again

He makes his way down to the ring, wasting no time with the pyrotechnics and special effects as usual.

The crowd isn't as loud as earlier... they know something smells fishy, and it ain't Sushi X ya feel?

He grabs a mic


Is everyone awake yet? It seems as though... you may have missed something. When I walked out on the stage earlier you all were really feelin it. I think, though, what really set this place off is when you saw... Paul Divine, Amirite?

The place erupts for seeing the Charismatic Enigma on their show for the first time.


That's right, the two brothers.... the two brothers who have been loved, and have been hated, by each of you... are headlining the two biggest shows the world has ever seen... fighting for biggest fight of our respective careers.

He points to the fans in attendance and then to the iMplosion banner


Now dare I say the word..

He crotch-chops an X


But I know there's a lot of people who have a lot to say about us. And honestly, we have heard it all. I welcome all of your feedback... and after I receive your feedback, I will just continue living my life.
Because there's a few things you know about me... I am a 5x Tag Team Champion, 4x with my brother and 1x Tornado with... you know... my old friend... Hayden

The arena showers him with boos.


So you cheer for Divine, and you boo Hayden... we three... the original... dare I say...

He chops an X again.


So where does that leave me? Right in the middle? What do y'all think?
You probably think I'm a little insensitive at times, you probably think I'm a nutcase at times... and you probably think I needed their help getting to where I am...
I'm going to be very frank when I say this- EVERYTHING I have done... EVERYTHING I have accomplished has been because of ME... NOT Paul Divine, Not Hayden... not any other member of..

X chop to the crowd as they begin to feel the resentment


I am the one who holds my destiny in tact. I am the one who secures my wins. Look back to my first tag team championship... Capital Punishment, elimination... 1v2... I took them both out and I took the belts home.
Look back at when I beat Deangelo St Daniels.. ya you could say that Origen helped by attacking him but if DSD was what DSD was suppose to be then that shouldn't have factored any one bit! I've won plenty of matches after being attacked!
It's always been that way.
Yea I hope the best for my Brother as he chases whatever gold... but I will tell you all something... I'm taking mine home.
I worked my way into the position I'm in, and I'm ready to take the belt home...
And I proved that last night against Tops Newsome, I proved I didn't need anyone's help winning

The boos are thunderous now


So James Landon Vain??! I really hope...

(Cut to Kingwolf)
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Main Event Star!

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Re: The Road...

Post by KingWolf on Fri Jun 23, 2017 12:34 am

Before Quantum can finish his call out the theme music of the current CMV World Champion, Jaymes Landon Vain hits the PA System and the crowd erupt with an explosion of cheer as he makes his way out from the back, standing at the top of the ramp, glaring down at his the man he may face at iMPLOSION. He looks at Quantum and holds his CMV World Championship high into the air uttering no words before lowering it back onto his shoulder.

[Jaymes Landon Vain]
Look guy, you can climb through whatever portal you want and go back in time and space. rendering the continuum absolutely useless. I will still punch you right in your over sized head, inflate it along with your ego and kick you to the back of the line, where you belong. Not in my ring, on my time, on my actual dime. Will you make yourself out to be this hungry competitor, because you're just another number to me. Another body, another self proclaimed know it all. I've bled for this business, I've made my mark and if it means running through some juiced up Sub Zero lookalike, I will do JUST that.

With a slight smirk upon his face, the CMV Veteran makes his way down the ramp towards the ring, where for the first time in his career he'll come face to face with one of the most decorated men in CMV History, and perhaps the most decorated man to never win the big one. JLV makes his way to the bottom of the ramp, still looking directly at Quantum, staring a hole through him as he walks up the steps and into the ring. Now face to face with the man that time forgot, he begins to speak once more.

[Jaymes Landon Vain]
Are you going to get hot and heavy with me, show how tough you are by throwing your head into mine, for the meeting of the minds? You're not equipped to handle what JLV brings to the table. I'm the champion, look at me when I am talking to you. Right here, the eye on the prize. The prize that you won't capture because you'll be too busy stuffing gauze in your mouth to stop the bleeding after I slap the taste out of it. I've earned this, and you will earn a tally mark on MY belt once I am through with you.

The crowd cheers for their World Champion, who once again raises his arm into the air right in front of the face of Quantum smiling, oozing confidence, while on the flip side, Quantum hasn't moved, his gaze remaining strong, sizing up the Meta Human who continues to speak.

[Jaymes Landon Vain]
Now I may not be the biggest, nor the strongest .. guy in the room. I'm still the smartest, and with that comes a technique, a strategy. Tonight, I look at you and you aren't the brightest, nor the most.. charming fellow. That doesn't mean I will take you lightly, don't take my snide comments as gospel. I know who you are, and you know who I am. I'm not a game, you cannot beat me with time and training, unfortunately for YOU. I'll see you at the grandest stage of them all, where I make history by sending you back in time where you'll be left, whilst I claim my glory. Jaymes Landon Vain is not your stepping stone, he's going to be the greatest, I mean GREATEST champion.. this company has ever seen. And if by somehow, you end up on top? I'm still gunning for it, I'm still going to prove everyone wrong, again and again, because that's what wrestling does to me. It's an itch you can never scratch, but you never stop trying, I will be doing this until I drop dead!

And with all said and done, Jaymes Landon Vain gestures at Quantum, wondering if he has anything else to add, but before Quantum can talk, if he even feels the need to, Jaymes Landon Vain is interrupted by yet another theme hitting the PA System.

(Open to Miztacular/Hayden)


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Re: The Road...

Post by Miztacular on Fri Jun 23, 2017 1:29 am

Both Quantum and Jaymes Landon Vain roll their eyes over towards the stage as the former three time CMV World Champion, and former CMV Television Champion makes his way out from the back. With a spring to his step and a mischeavous grin on his face, Chris Adams stands at the top of the ramp looking down upon the two men in the ring. Adams gestures with his finger as if to say "Nuh uh uh" before raising the microphone to his mouth and letting his voice be heard for the first time in a while.

Chris Adams:
Hold your horses people, because I am about to crash this party. Both of you down there in that ring, my ring are all talk and no results. You're very pitiful in that regards, so I guess there's something you both have in common together. But let me tell you what else in common you both have, you're both jokes! One of you is a time travelling NUTCASE who thinks he can manipulate time, well if you can manipulate time, how about you manipulate a MAJOR TITLE into your hands... All these powers you have, but yet here you are three years into your CMV Career with the resume of your average guy..... Speaking of your average guy, lets look no further than the man standing across the ring from you! Jaymes, look at yourself, then back to me.. We've been here, in CMV for roughly the same amount of time, and WHAT have you accomplished? A tag team reign, hundreds of failed opportunities and now you finally have the Major Title, good job guy... But see unlike both of you phonies.. I am a REAL GUY.

I bring true talent, charisma and devilishly good looks that the both of you could only dream of.. I'll give you props Vain, you did beat me that's right, but it took you two shots and an extreme rules stipulation to get the job done. Two shots... Something you're very familliar with, I mean you had two shots at the belt inside the chamber right? Lost both times? I won the chamber on my FIRST attempt. You've been in the money in the bank match twice.. Did you win? Of course not! Man, two must be your favourite number because I can even go as low down the packing order and say you had two chances to beat Nathan Willis after you turned on him, and both times he squashed you flat... But when I was faced with the task of defending my belt against him... Who won?! Me..

Woah woah woah, don't get it twisted. I know you're a fine competitor Jaymes, but you're no match for The Real Guy, The Pretty Boy, The Undefeated, Undisputed KING of CMV and when I take my belt back, and become a four time CMV World Champion, you'll all see, especially you Jaymes..

But hold up people! I'm not finished yet! Quantum, Omega, Blizzard, whatever you go by these days, don't stand there giggling, I'm not finished yet, because you're up next pal, see much like Vain here, you've been in CMV about as long as I have, and also... Much like Vain you have very little to show for it. Sure you got a couple of tag team belts, and an intercontinental belt to your name. But all that really means is you work best when you have another man to fall back on when you make mistakes... You got lucky, you won your only singles belt in a scrap, a Hell in a Cell..I mean if you're proud of what you've accomplished then good on you I guess, because I certainly wouldn't. I am CHRIS ADAMS, and I am destined for glory, destined to go down in history as the greatest CMV Superstar in this companies history and when I win back my World Championship, and become a four time Champion, it'll bring me one step closer to my coronation, as the King of CMV.

Now I've said a lot up here on this stage, and I could come down there, get in the ring and we could have a little scuffle, bang bang a real guy kick here and a real guy kick there and you're both down for the count, that kind of thing, but quite frankly I'm going to et you both savor the moment, because I have an announcement regarding my rematch clause. Boy I can't wait to see the look on your faces... You see I'm not cashing in my rematch tonight, or next week... Or the go home show... No...

Are you ready for this....

Here it comes...

I'm cashing in my rematch clause... In the Main Event of iMPLOSION..

Adams lowers the microphone for a second as the crowd rise to their feet in cheer for what is sure to be an emphatic matchup on the grandest stage of them all, three legends, three future hall of famers to collide in the Main Event. Clearly torn between the three men, in three sections the crowd begin Chanting "Adams" "Vain" and "Quantum" all clashing with eachother, none really standing out the loudest.

Chris Adams:
Both of you down there in my ring, I'm sure you're hella confused right now huh? Yeah I coulda taken the easy option, cash in for a one on one rematch and headline iMPLOSION for the second time in my career, walking in as Champion.. But you see, unlike you Jaymes, I learn from my mistakes, I don't repeat things, the last time I walked into iMPLOSION as Champion, it didn't end so well for me, and I know I can win a scramble, I'm a smart guy and I've done it before and if you think for a SECOND! That I'm going to let you two JOKES Main Event the biggest show of the year without this pretty face, then you've got another thing coming. This year, at the third annual iMPLOSION, I'm going to crush the dreams of both of you, Quantum, you've done everything you can do in the midcard, and now is your chance to finally win the big one on the biggest stage. Well that ain't happening brother... Jaymes, you've spent three years of your mediocre life in midcard purgatory, luckily with the help of that shady General Manager Eric Matthews, you finally have your career defining moment, you have the chance to Main Event iMPLOSION with the most prestigious belt in Sports Entertainment. But iMPLOSION will not be your crowning moment, it will be your swansong and at my hands, both of you will be heading back down the card where you belong. Hey... Maybe you can both form a tag team it's something you're both good at right? Sharing is caring...

Enjoy that belt while it lasts Vain...

Adams drops the microphone on the stage smiling down at Quantum and Jaymes Landon Vain in the ring, Adams turns looking to make his way towards the back when...

-Open to Rifted

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Re: The Road...

Post by RiftedEnergy on Sat Jun 24, 2017 1:55 am

Quantum checks himself for a second... "Should he really be here? Amongst these Giants above their peers?"
and then another tick goes by... "Does he really belong with them? Standing in the same ring, trying to battle for sepremecy"
Before a third click of the clock he shrugs it off.


(He aggressively asserts his reality)

You know, it was almost 3... whole.. seconds before I could understand what you two are saying...

You're saying that you, the guy who just lost his belt, are offered a rematch?? And if that's the case, I demand my rematch for the Intercontinental Championship right goddamn now. Cuz I never got one... and ya, you say I won it in a coin flip? I saw an opportunity, I finished my opponent while everyone was still working on theirs. Brain Bustahhhhh DOWN TO DA KNEE....And you know what happened? When I didn't get my rematch? I waited until the opportune moment...
Yes, JLV, you've worked with someone to achieve your goal. I did the same with the Corporation. I became their Hell Hound, and years later after I didn't get my rematch... worked with them to get in deep... I Brian Bustah'd the very same Bohemoth off the turnbuckle and took months away from his career. When he had challenged the roster to a gauntlet match? Well, I won only one match that night because nobody wanted to step to me after I ruined him.
What I'm saying... if I'm saying anything gentlemen, is that I hurt people.

But I understand where you're both coming from... I just had to remind myself....
that the measly tag team championships I've won by winning other gauntlet matches at Ascendance. And if you wanna learn How To: win a handicap match, I've done it also.
So you say I'm just a number, maybe a Sub Zero but as far as I'm concerned I should be Patient Zero.
Oh I am a number... and I've painted it on my chest. But you'll never know what that number means... because as far as I can remember back... it always looks like Infinity to me.
It doesn't matter who I face at iMplosion. It doesn't matter how many, it doesn't matter if it's falls count anywhere, it doesn't matter if it's a fucking Time Warp match.... I am walking away with that belt. And after I knock The Champ out with the 7th 24th Punch... I'll show you what number I am. And I hope you come begging for a 'rematch' then I can bring you back to remember this conversation. I hurt people. I take Time Away.
And the next conversation you have about The Greatest in History, you have to realize that History is always being written, and it's not the first time my name is in its books.

Quantum drops the mic...

Edited ending:
... he really kind of floats it.. it takes longer than usual to hit the ground, as JLV watches it fall. Out of the corner of his eye though, he catches something..

Quantum Cocked up and launches the 1st 24th Punch... but Time isn't slowed as Vain moves swiftly to block. They stand locked, for seconds... and release to keep a close eye on each other.
All the while, Adams enjoys the show from the ramp.

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Re: The Road...

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