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Victory. -- Commercial #1

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Victory. -- Commercial #1

Post by Red Chocolate on Mon May 22, 2017 6:53 pm

Voice Over:
What are the keys to success?

*We’re shown a slow motion video of 10|EL pinning his opponent at Checkpoint Miami.*

You have to look the part.
Dress the part.

*A silhouette of a bottle appears on the screen.*

Smell the part!

*The bottle is revealed to be cologne, colorfully designed to match 10|EL’s eye-popping attire at the pay per view.*

A fragrance concocted by 10|EL himself to bring the inner winner out of you.
Whether you’re a man, woman or etcetera, Victory. will change your life in ways never thought imaginable.

*10|EL is shown in rags begging for money on the street.*

Before the invention of this scent, 10|EL was down on his luck--no casting agent would give him the light of day. Desperate, he spent his last dollar at Rite Aid to purchase the ingredients that would become Victory.

Then, smelling as confident as he felt, it was 10|EL who soon had to be the one to turn away acting offers. Today, he is the star of the third-rated daytime soap opera: Dying to Live.

*10|EL posing on the stage during his entrance at Checkpoint Miami is replayed.*

Now, 10|EL wants to spread this life-changing fragrance to everyone looking to dramatically improve themselves. Life is short, so don’t hesitate. Victory. can turn you from a zero...

*A scene of a baseball game is played.
Bottom of the ninth.
Bases loaded.
A skinny looking substitute who looks like he doesn’t belong in the MLB, walks up to the plate while the pitcher laughs.
Pitch One: Strike.
Pitch Two: Embarrassing swing and a miss.*

...to a hero.

*The coach calls a timeout and calls the sub over to the dugout. Instead of giving the poor guy a pep talk, coach pulls out a bottle of Victory. and sprays it all over the sub. With a stadium full of people watching, the substitute walks back to home plate and locks eyes with the pitcher who mouths that he’s going for the strikeout pitch. He throws the pall, a blazing fastball clocking in at over 100 mph.


With Victory. nothing is impossible.
Available online and in stores today!

*The price: $49.99 flashes on the screen. It fades out to show 10|EL walking into a room looking gorgeous in a three-piece suit with a bottle of Victory. in his hand.*

Mientros yo lucho con mi corazón y alma, no puedo perder.

Smell like 10|EL!

*The commercial ends with 10|EL spraying Victory. on himself and the room immediately being filled with men and women ready to party.*

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