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Inspiration in Defeat; Guardian Angel

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Inspiration in Defeat; Guardian Angel

Post by Tim on Sun May 21, 2017 10:34 am

In an exclusive CMV.com video, attached the New Generation Wrestling section of the website. A homemade video of Shiloh is shown with the video title: "Resignation". A giant play button is over the face of the video. You, the website viewer (and the reader of this promo) click that play button and the video begins.

The video starts with the feed from the camera jostling around. It shows Shiloh in his vehicle driving. While staring at the road exclusively and steering with his right hand, he holds the camera phone with his left. The sight of his youngest daughter can partially be seen behind him.

Shiloh Gray
Hello CMV, Shiloh here. I'm on my way back to the hotel after taking a stomping from Max. It was a good match and I'm sorry I couldn't win. I'm sorry to what little fans I have left and I'm sorry to my family...

A feminine hand comes from outside the shot and pats Shiloh's shoulder.

Shiloh Gray
Lately I've been feeling down, ready to call it, simply because I can't find success in this business. I could very well return to New York and do graphic design work and make more money than I do now wrestling. It would probably be more beneficial for my very supportive family.

Shiloh while still staring at the road speaks to his eldest daughter.

Shiloh Gray
Say hello, Ellie.


A small hand comes out from the shot and waves wildly. Shiloh smiles and returns to his point.

Shiloh Gray
...Resignation. I've been planning on retiring from wrestling for awhile. But... That would be quitting and I've been alive 30 some odd years and not once, have I quit. I didn't quit when I had to baby sit Tim everyday for 12 hours while Mom worked. I didn't quit when I had to pay my student loans. I didn't quit when things we're tough trying to find some work in the city and I'm most certainly not going to quit now.

Shiloh hands the phone over to his fiance.

Shiloh Gray
Will you hold this for a minute, honey, while I make this turn?

The phone jostles for a moment as Shiloh flicks on his turn signal and uses both hands to turn the steering wheel after coming to a stop at a light.

The clicking from the signal can be heard for moment as a shot of Shiloh focusing on the road shows him turning on to the next street.

Shiloh Gray
Thanks, babe.

The phone jostles once again as she hands it back to him.

Shiloh Gray
As I was saying. I've never quit and I won't now. The resignation I'm talking about, is the resignation of fear. Fear of not being accepted by the CMV Universe. The fear of losing. The fear of everything. When Brett Angel came out during my match and I lost, I was fully ready to quit. I had never been more embarrassed then being pinned clean in front of a legend such as Angel. But just as I was ready to call it. I thought about... how Brett, who's worked in this industry for so long, has never called it. Sure he may hopped around plenty of promotions, but he's still working in this business, doing what he loves. No matter if he wins or losses. Brett is an inspiration and he served as an inspiration in Florida. I'll see everyone next NGW and I hope you'll be happy. Because I'm not going anywhere now.

Thank you Brett. It may have been inadvertent, but you showed me myself once again.

Shiloh smiles while still watching the road as the video ends...
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