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Sunshine State

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Sunshine State

Post by Tim on Wed May 17, 2017 4:59 am

A small luxury sedan pulls up to the parking lot of the small Florida venue holding the first special of New Generation Wrestling's new life. The driver and passenger door open almost simultaneously and a woman exits. Her long brown hair is brushed off her shoulder as she rounds the front of the vehicle to meet the exiting passenger.

Pulling a duffel bag the floor board the rider is Shiloh Gray, the woman; his fiance. Shiloh slings his bag over his shoulder as the woman is there to face him when he turns around.

"Whatever happens, know that I love you.

I know.

Shiloh leans in and kisses her. He then trails to the backdoor and opens it revealing his daughters. The eldest is sitting in her car seat closest to Gray as the baby behind the driver's seat in her own car seat.

Be good while daddy beats the bad guy, okay?

"'kay, daddy."

Shiloh than waves to the youngest who giggles and claps her hands. He smiles warmly and turns back around to his soon-to-be wife. He exhales.

Wish me luck.

Shiloh walks past her and heads towards the door to backstage. He looks over his shoulder for a moment to see his family once before getting ready for one of the biggest events he's been apart of in CMV.

As walks the hallways of the arena he thinks about nothing but victory tonight in his match against Maximum Rider. He reaches the joint locker room and lightly tosses his bag into the open space. He sits down on the bench as several other NGW superstars arrive as well. He takes out his iPhone and smiles as his backdrop of the phone shows his family. He looks up and becomes lost in thought.

Tonight is the night to prove to fans that he's someone who shouldn't be lost in the shuffle. His wins over Odio and Son of Sheik were just the beginning. Now it's time for the main event...
Main Event Star!
Main Event Star!

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