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DtL: Episode 2

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DtL: Episode 2

Post by Red Chocolate on Tue May 02, 2017 12:00 am

Another video uploaded to the NGW section of the website has become available, and thousands flocked within minutes to see what they’d be blessed with next.

Magnificent isn’t it? How in only a few minutes one man was able to captivate them in such a way their hearts race and mouth water as another episode of the Soap Opera guaranteed to set their televisions on fire, Dying to Live, is uploaded for their viewing pleasure.

The video opens much like the last: an eye-pleasing sight of viewing delight as 10|EL has his skin moisturized by Sir Geriel so that it shines in the spotlight while Lady Cerylla feeds him only the juiciest grapes--no man can perform on an empty stomach.

No, acting is a demanding task that grinds weaker men into the ash that is rolled up and smoked by the alphas. Men like 10|El who smiles as he sits up in his chair. When he speaks, his voice is silky and smooth. You almost want to close your eyes and drift off with his words being the last thing you hear. Yet you’re so captivated you don’t want to risk looking away or drifting off. His every word, every movement and flex of his toned muscles has even the most scatterbrained person’s eyes locked on the screen.

Ah, mis amigos, bienvenidos

╫Lady Cerylla╫
♪Those who find mysteries in open books
Only see the bait when caught by the hook ♫

Even those who don’t have hispanic acquaintance know what “amigo” means, and thus have realized that Lady Cerylla isn’t actually doing a word for word translation...and that’s ignoring that she spoke twice as long as 10|EL did.

But when you look as beautiful as she does, sing as flawlessly as she does and hit those notes so effortlessly, it’s surprisingly easy to forgive the artistic liberties she’s taking.

Wait a second...Does she even understand spanish?

Con 10|EL no hay un misterio. Soy que yo digo soy: un espectacular, asombroso artiste quien voy a estar la proxima estrella en NGW. Los hombres me quieres. Las mujeres me quieres. Los niños quieres ser yo. Pero soy único. Y cuando llego a este compania, todos van a saber mi nombre y nunca olvidan.

╫Lady Cerylla╫
♪This company will bow; its residents will kneel
Soon all will face the wrath of 10|EL♫

Todos amaron mi programa de television y hay mas a venir. Pero, no me detendrá mi ascenso en NGW. Yo voy a luchar el mejor y voy a detorrar el mejor.

╫Lady Cerylla╫
♪This will be a spectacular tale to tell
The emergence of a new star: 10|EL♫

Mientras lucho con mi corazón y alma...no puede perder.

He raises his arms and tilts his head back in a pose worthy of being turned into a statue. Seconds into it, the director comes onto the frame.

All right guys, break time's over. Let’s get back to filming.


Narrator: When we last saw Alzón, our hero received a devastating phone call. A woman he had a one-night stand with revealed that she’s pregnant--a tremendous obstacle in it’s own right, it’s impact doubled in scale when you add Alzón’s wife to the mix.

When we return, Alzón manages to stop his phone from hitting the ground, fumbling around with the device like a wide receiver making up for a quarterback’s errant pass. But in a cruel twist of fate, all of that causes his to flip out of his chair--and then the phone lands on the tiled kitchen floor with a clatter.

Alzón: Hello? Hello?! Sophie?! Answer goddamn it!

He looks down at his hand and realizes that the battery fell out of the phone when it hit the ground. To add insult to injury, the screen is spiderwebbed. His wife, Cerylla, enters the room yawning loudly and flips on the lights so that she can actually see what’s going on in here.

Cerylla: Baby, is everything okay? Why are you on the floor in the dark?

Alzón: Ju..just a bad hangover. Can’t keep up with the boys like I used to, I guess.

Cerylla: Better than falling asleep in the bathtub again.

Alzón: That was one time!

Cerylla: One time this month, you mean.

Alzón: Huh.

She walks over to the fridge and begins rummaging inside.

Alzón: Don’t do this.

Cerylla pulls out a carton of eggs.

Alzón: I’ll just sleep it off.

Next she pulls out a lemon.

Alzón: Please, god, no.

Now she’s in the cupboard and comes out with a bottle of honey.

Alzón: Don’t make me beg.

She turns around and puts her hands on her hips.

Cerylla: This recipe has been in my family for generations, a 99% effective cure to even the nastiest hangovers. You’ve got a big interview tomorrow that could really change your life. You can’t be in that pizza place forever right? Hell, you practically live there now with the amount of times you’ve had to cover for Dennis. With that new job we could finally settle down and think about starting a family.

Alzón almost falls out of his chair. Ceryllaa laughs and shakes her head.

Cerylla: You need this more than I thought. Give me a second to whip it up.

He leans back in the chair and closes his eyes. Seconds later he feels a glass being slipped into his hand. He wipes a tear from his cheek and downs the glasses as quickly as he can without gagging on it.

He opens his eyes to find Cerylla putting his phone back together.

Cerylla: Another casualty, huh?

Alzón: Hey, give me th--

Almost as soon as she turns it back on, the phone begins to ring. They both look down at the number: Private. Alzón’s heart starts racing as Cerylla’s thumb inches closer and closer to that green “accept call” button.

Cerylla: At this hour? Who the hell is this?

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