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This One's For Me

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This One's For Me

Post by Tim on Sat Apr 29, 2017 12:42 am

Before his match at NGW #6, Shiloh comes out for the crowd again. As he makes his way to the ring for the third time after losing another match the crowd has had enough. They let loose a unwelcoming torrent of boos. Shiloh's head is down trying to tune out the anger of the crowd but sadly, even now it hurts. As he rolls into the ring and waves to the audience meagerly the 10,000 NGW fans only hate harder.

Shiloh puts the mic to his mouth and desperately tries to speak over the Texas natives.

Shiloh Gray
My call for execution was answered with a boot to the grill last week...

The fan's boos instantly turn into a thunderous pop.

Shiloh Gray
...And while that may excite you, It, in fact, doe not excite me. I'm not here to pander to the audience this time. I'm not asking for chances. Actions speak louder than words. Actions say more than excuses. So I'm putting my attempts to garner your respect on the back burner. This one's for me.

Max Rider, if that's even a real name... At Checkpoint: Miami, I'm going to kick your ass into that Florida sunset and you'll burn like Icarus.

The crowd begins their chant:

You Suck! You Suck! You Suck!

Wash Out! Wash Out! Wash Out!

Shiloh Gray
Consider Max' "address" a new contract for me. See you all there...

Shiloh under hands the microphone to ringside and it bounces high. He then slips out of the ring and begins treading up the ramp as the scene closes to CMV Network ad. (Because despite paying 19.99 for a week of service, we still give you 30 seconds to full minute ads.)
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