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Tag Team Match at Blood Rush

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Tag Team Match at Blood Rush

Post by HellishxHades on Tue Apr 25, 2017 7:38 am

As Unmatched returns from commercial break. Phillip Melissa is standing in the ring. Mic in hand and is about to deliver his sermon.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here to shed a light on the world. That you need to change you life around. And go straight edge just like your War Hero. You may not like it but it is the truth, that I am better than all of your heros. Because unlike them I done something more then panders to you sorry excuses. One of these heros of yours Mr. Showtime. I have vowed to take everything from you. I took a win from you, and next I'm gonna take Jenny from ...

Mr Showtime music hits the PA System as he makes his way down to the ring.

Mr. Showtime makes his way down the ramp and actually looked upset for once. Melick succeed in making the usually playful Chinese man red in face and ready to kick some serious ass. He was soon standing face to face, nose to nose with his tormentor in the ring. With a lightning quick move, he snatched the mic from Phillip's hand
. "Don't you dare bring Jenny into this! Don't you dare! I dunno why you made this personal but you've made a very painful mistake! Let's settle this as men! I want you in match! Right here right now!" The crowd seemed excited at this possibility but Showtime wasn't prepared for what happened next being so blinded by his seething rage.

Melick delivers a kick straight to Mr. Showtime cohonas. Showtime instantly grabs them and bent over in pain. Melick takes down Showtime and is delivering left after right after left.
The crowd is booing the straight edge war hero for acting like a coward. Then all of a sudden the pop as Takeshi slides into the ring.

While Showtime asked Takeshi not to jump in, wanting to deal with Melick himself, Takeshi had seen more than enough to know his friend needed help plus his code would not allow him to stand by while the straight edge solider threatened a woman. Just as Melick kicked Mr Showtime low Takeshi ran on down the ramp and slides into the ring to the pop of the crowd.

The Straight edge war hero turned around just in time for Takeshi to grab him and drag him over to the ropes for a spike DDT, the Samurai turned his attention to Showtime who was still holding his balls from Melicks kick. Takeshi couldn’t hear the crowd shout ‘behind you’ as Melick got back up to his feet, booting the deaf man in the back of his head. Takeshi hits the mat but rolls back to his feet before the so called war hero could hit him while he was down.

The two trade punches and kicks, during which unheard to Takeshi the crowd starts booing again as another man comes out the crowd. Melick backed up as Hardway entered the ring wanting a piece of Takeshi.

Hardway Clothesline Takeshi and starts throughing left and right​s to the face of Takeshi. He begins to put him the rear naked choke when Showtime is back to his face and staggers to Hardway. Hardway let's Takeshi go and focuses on Showtime. Locking him in the rear naked choke. Takeshi is back to his feet recovored, attacks Hardway to free Showtime. Melick tries to get back into the action, buts get thrown out of the ring by Takeshi. Hardway rushes Takeshi who pulls down the ropes sending Hardway to the outside.

Hardway tries to get back in the ring but Melick pulls him down off the apron. Hardway is struggling to continue the fight.

Then the general manager of Unmatched [IDK Who] music hits the P.A. System.

With all the commotion going on inside the ring, the unmatched general manager Eric Matthews runs out from the back towards the ring surrounded with security as they look to break up the brawl that is underway in the ring. As the group reach the ringside area they begin to pull the four Man Apart splitting them away from each other, keeping it Takeshi and Mr. showtime of The New Orient Express together on one side of the ring, while keeping Philip Melick and Jacob Hardway or the other side of the Ring to prevent any further altercations. Mathews gestures towards the timekeepers area for a microphone which is probably passed to him. Matthews now standing between the two groups, where is the microphone to his mouth and kids and begins to talk

Eric Matthews:
Look here, i'm not happy at the fact that I have an intensity superstar attacking a member of my show right now, Thomas Sullivan needs to keep control of his roster god dammit! But! It seems as if this may have fallen in to place quite well, you see Hardway may not be a member of my roster, but The New Orient Express are permitted to compete on both shows, being a tag team and all. I'm sure Sullivan has nothing against the decision I'm about to make, but, if both Melick and Hardway have some sort of Issue with Mr. Showtime and Takeshi Matsumoto, the I don't see why the two of them don't take on both of you in some tag team action! So at Blood Rush it will be Jacob Hardway and Phillip Melick vs The New Oriental Express.

The New Oriental Express was clapping along to this news. While Jacob was arguing with Phillip about it. Jacob walks off.


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