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A Challenged Posed to the Gladiators

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A Challenged Posed to the Gladiators

Post by D.Young77 on Sun Apr 23, 2017 3:35 pm

After his victory over the clown, Kurasuke opens up a portal behind him and slips through it. When he comes out on the other side he joins LEO CRUZ and Marcus Akane in their celebration over the current tag team champions. He already has a microphone in hand as the trio stands in the middle of the ring.

Your eyes have told you no lies. What you have witnessed is the continued rise off these oak trees as their branches grow closer to caressing the heavens. Once upon a time the men they defeated were worthy of bearing the crown bestowed upon them by becoming champions, but tonight you all witnessed the dysfunction and the miscommunication that will one day lead to new champions wearing those crowns. It’s day that draws ever closer on the horizon as Leo Cruz and Marcus Akane pick up steam and barrell down the track at full speed. They are now the freight train slicing through the air, and all who try to stand before them will end up married to those tracks.

We're becoming stronger each and every day, we proved that here tonight. The end is near for you, Gladiators. While for us, this is just the beginning, amigo.

Gladiators, you tried to disparage us, bring us to our knees at the weight of your verbal barrage. But you haven’t realized that your utterings are mere echoes that no longer inch their way beneath our skin. No, your words join the others to wrap around our skin to bolster the armor that we have been using to push through this division. Every sentence only stokes the fire so that the engine that moves these trains may never lose power. We didn’t seek to make enemies on our journey, but as the rays of hope shine in front of us, it casts a shadow that hides those who wish to impale us with the rotting knife.

Marcus Akane
Gladiators, you told us that you would push us down, you told us that you would make sure we weren't near the titles but, in your haste to tear others down you have destroyed the foundations of your team, and while you may push us down, like bubbles we will rise to the surface and overcome whatever obstacles you lay down in front of us. Now we are stronger than ever, and one step closer to the tag team championships!

I think it’s time we settle our differences.

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