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CAW BIO: Rex Carter

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CAW BIO: Rex Carter

Post by Matthew on Mon Sep 28, 2015 2:16 pm

Personal info
Real name: Rex Carter
Age: 35
From: Oxford,Alabama
Siblings: 1 sister (Marry)
Culture: Murica

Name: Rex Carter
Nicknames: "The Hillbilly"
Trainers: Harley Race
Popular moves: Rex Plex, Big Boot, Leg Lariat
Status: Heel

Used to wrassle in mah backyard with my buddies Den and Kyle. Until one day Kyle punched me in the nose so I tackled him off the trampoline and broke his jaw. So for a while I wuddent allowed to wrassle. Ya know, that is until I turned 17 and signed up to Harley Race wrasslin academy. Boy it was tough but I kept in there and became his star student within months. Then I was booked in the house of hardcore as my debut in the ring. Faced off against Sabu. I lost but boy did that show a hardcore side of me that I have never seen before. Ya know then I got a call from Harley telling me about this TNA. So after a few weeks I got accepted. Wrassled there for two months. Until I got in a fist fight with Drew Galloway backstage and got thrown out on my ass. So here I am now. After a few months of roaming the indies, I'm ready to wrassle the best this business has to offer.
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Main Event Star!

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