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D'Angelo St. Daniels Loses Everything.

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D'Angelo St. Daniels Loses Everything.

Post by D.Young77 on Sun Apr 23, 2017 3:44 am

As Unmatched comes back from commercial break, D'Angelo Saint Daniels is in the middle of the ring,  dressed in his ring gear with shorts over and his jacket unzipped. Looking up slowly, his eyes are slightly drawn as he gazes as he looks forward, his vision seeming strained and distant. The aura he gives off is different too; the confidence and blustered often apparent with him seems muted and slightly grayed. Daniels locks his eyes forward and onto center camera.

After months and months of jumping through hurdles, crippling backs one spine at a time, I almost got my hands on you Cyborg and in a for too familiar situation you ducked me, you tucked your tail in-between your fat legs and walked away from a fight with me. You want to back up you're threats I'm an easy man to find I am right HERE right NOW and I'm not leaving this ring until you get your fat ass out here once you get your balls back from Cole Savage and get in this ring with me.

You hide in darkness, slinging threats and insults. Me? I stand in the light, amongst the people, for the whole world to see. You claim I’m terrified of you. Like you're some kind of boogeyman, some monster, waiting in the corner and crevessass of the world to strike me down. Hurt me bad. Sorry to tell you Cyborg but I stopped worrying about boogeyman in my closet a long time ago. If you’d allow let quote some Scripture to get my point across. “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. So to clarify, your mind games aren't gonna work on me Cyborg. You don’t scare me. And more so you far from impress me.

Sure you have a couple of accomplishments and wins over people I will only ever read about. You've got years on me.  But at end of the day, you've seem to have gone soft. Now why’s that Cyborg? A man with your pedigree and size would have no problems in crushing a guy like myself. Now you're some kinda of dark and menacing overrated figure that surrounded himself with a guy that probably stole from his local church. Paint it how you want. Like I said, you don’t scare me and to reiterate I’m unimpressed.

People say I should've let this go and be contempt with my rumble victory and focus onward to iMPLOSION but I can't...if I can't beat cyborg one on one then I have no right in being the main man for Unmatched. You took the W in our last match and I say fair play, but that was then and this is now. I am fresh, full of confidence, and have trained especially for you. SO LET'S DO THIS!!! Things will be different this time, I am going to be solely focused on you and I will come out with the victory.

The ever-polarizing Cole Savage’s music hits to the delights on the crowd. They all rise to their feet to catch a glimpse of the man who appears so sporadically that you know something big is about to go down now that he’s here in the flesh.

Savage somehow is able to drive his luxury year 2020 model coupe onto the stage--cameras flash as people try to capture a memento of a vehicle so expensive it’s blinding those too poor to even look at it.

The front door opens and out steps Savage to embrace and soak in every bit of this reaction he’s getting. With a smirk on his face he adjusts his shades while staring down at the ring at a visibly annoyed D’Angelo St. Daniels.

It takes a moment for the crowd to settle down, but a hush quickly fills the room when they see Savage pull a microphone out of the coat of his jacket. Savage starts speaking as he walks down the ramp.

D’Angelo St. Daniels….D...S...D…

It’s been so long hasn’t it?

So long since we’ve last been in the same building.

So long since we’ve last stood face to face.

So long since you’ve been this close to the World Heavyweight Championship.

And that’s not taking the Elimination Chamber into consideration, because let’s face it...anything can happen in a match like that. But you, DSD...you’ve gone and secured yourself a golden ticket. You have the key to a main event match at the biggest pay per view of the year for the most prestigious title in the company because you threw somebody over the top rope.


But what I’m more impressed about is that you’re in a position and every other person on the roster would kill to be in….yet all you can think about is Cyborg. All you can talk about is Cyborg. You eat, sleep and breathe Cyborg… Now, DSD...

Savage casually leaves that hanging in the air. He walks up the steel stairs then enters the ring, but doesn’t immediately approach DSD. Instead he leans against the ropes and regards the other man for a moment.

Don’t you think that’s a problem? You should be thinking about Chris Adams and how you’re going to beat him and show the world that it’s you that’s the man of the place. You should be talking about how all your doubts and reservations will be erased by this match. This is the match you’ve been waiting for. The chance to prove that you can be back at the top of the mountain, by yourself, nobody in your corner...and yet...your mindset is just all over the place.

DSD, there was a time when I could stand here and look you in the eyes and say that you were one of the best things going on the roster, and when given a chance you’ve proven that you can still go in the ring. But that was so long ago. Look at how so many people have passed you by. Look at how many people have showed up on this show to take your place. You should be fighting tooth and nail for your spot, yet all I see is a man who’s willing to let it go without putting up a fight.

Savage stops and chuckles.

Well, I guess technically you are putting up a fight--but you’re fighting the wrong person. DSD, you’re fighting a ghost. You’re fighting a man who shows up when he wants to do what he wants. How do you honestly think you can compete against that? Look at what happened at Thunder in Tokyo. Look at what happened last week. Every time you and Cyborg cross paths you get the short end of the stick. And still you fight.

It’d almost be admirable if it weren’t so frustrating watching a man throw his career away over a grudge. In careers that span years, the week to week wins and losses won’t even matter. It’s about the titles, the breathtaking matches, the words you speak on the microphone that leaves everyone in awe.

DSD what are you trying to leave behind?

What kind of legacy are you trying to create?

Because, if you keep going down this path, all that’s going to be left of you are a trail of broken bones and dreams. Nothing but ash left of a man who once stood so tall and proud.

I’ll admit it...

Savage pulls the shades off of his face.

I’m starting to get a little worried.

Last week was all Cyborg’s doing…Goading you into a match just to sweep the rug out from under you like that...I had nothing to do with it. If I had it my way, Cyborg would only be at pay per views to collect the big checks. Let’s not forget that Cyborg still has Triple H’s share of the company, and then some. He’s not doing this for the money...DSD, he’s doing this because it amuses him...and that’s terrifying.

And I used to be able to reel him in. God only knows the destruction Cyborg would have unleashed upon this company if I weren’t around to keep him at bay--maybe there wouldn’t be a CMV anymore! There certainly won’t be a you anymore, DSD, if you don’t end things here. Not all stories have happy endings--so stop looking for one.

I’m here to tell you that it’s time for you to move on. Because the more you fight, the more Cyborg is going to want to rip you apart. You have the title match, go out at Implosion and try to win it.

Move on.

Savage takes a step toward DSD.

You clashed with Cyborg and lived to tell the tale. Be thankful for that instead of trying to poke the bear.

Don’t bring this past the point of no return.

I'm not wrestling one more match unless it’s against Cyborg so get him out here! Just give him to me....

Savage eyes DSD for a long, long time...the tension in the air growing unbelievably thick.

You know what bothers me most about all of this?

When this moment is inevitably replayed in the years to come everyone will try to paint me as the devil.

I tried to give you a way out.

Savage takes a step toward DSD.

Do you know why they call me “Ice?”

He drops his voice low. Gone is the enthusiasm, erased is the cocky smile. Cole Savage means business.

It’s not just a cute nickname. Ice is what I have running through my veins. DSD, you’re trying to have your cake and eat it too. You’re trying to have your match with Cyborg and the main event of Implosion.

I don’t think so.

I gave you a choice...and you made it.

Now it’s time to face the consequences of those actions. You want Cyborg? Well you got him. At Blood Rush. But that world title match at Implosion is what you’re sacrificing to get it.

You heard right, DSD. You heard right, CMV. DSD is no longer in the main event of Implosion.

DSD raises his microphone to say something, but Savage doesn’t give me the chance to get even a syllable through those lips.

You might be questioning if I even have the power to do something like this.

Well I do.

Thanks to you.

Savage points up at the titantron. A black and white video of events almost forgotten begin to play.

Closing off the Go-Home Show of Unmatched is the contract singing between "The Gate City God" D'Angelo Saint Daniels and Cyborg is set to begin with a table in the middle of the ring with Mac "Daddy" Thompson to witness the signing.

DSD cuts himself off, the agitation about Cole Savage calling him out then being nowhere to be seen is understandable and clearly written all over his face. He snatches the clipboard holding the contract in place off the table and slaps his signature on it. He slams the clipboard down defiantly then turns to the hard camera and stares right into it as if he could see Cyborg making it clear that his words aren’t meant to be taken lightly.

-Cole Savage-
D...S...D. How foolish you can be when you think you’re in control. You’re dealing with two of the greatest minds in the business. Did you really think you stand a chance? Let me explain something to you DSD.

Savage looks over the contract in his hand.

-Cole Savage-
You lost tonight before Cyborg even stepped out here.

Savage pulls the contract off the keyboard, folds it up and places it in his jacket pocket. Out of his pants’ back pocket he pulls out another sheet of paper.

-Cole Savage-
See, THIS is the real contract. What you just signed? Well, that’s a surprise for another time and place. An insurance policy, if you will. You should know by now that Cole Savage doesn’t just have a plan b or c, I cover the whole damn alphabet, baby!

DSD’s eyes open wide in shock as everything comes together and hits him hard enough to leave him stunned. When it clicks with the crowd that Savage isn’t talking out of his ass, the crowd boos with all of their might--risking losing their voices in the process. Savage has to scream to be heard over them.

That was the night you signed your life away. Then, just like right now, your tunnel vision prevented you from seeing that your world is crumbling all around you.

That contract you signed, DSD. It gave me the power to strip away any three title matches of yours that I choose, and replace you with a man of my choice.

This is only the first.

I want you to watch at Implosion as another man fights in your spot and wins the belt that you could have won. That man? Tops Newsome. That’s right, once again I’m going to gift him with an opportunity of a lifetime--this time on another brand. Maybe he’ll take the belt back to Intensity. Maybe he’ll stick around here. I don’t care. All that matters to me is that it won’t be you wrestling in that match.

YOU did this to yourself DSD.

YOU threw it all away.

YOU are the reason why you’ve hit rock bottom THEN fell through the floor.

Savage pauses for a moment and watches as DSD still has yet to recover from the shock of the moment. Savage lifts the microphone to say something else, but stops himself. He shakes his head and lets the microphone drop from his hands and hit the mat with a thud.

His expression of anguish, is enough to break even the toughest hearts. It’s an expression that eventually turns into rage. With a primal scream, he throws the microphone still in his hand at the ramp with all of his might as though he were aiming at Savage.

He drops to his knees and punches the mat repeatedly as the fury overtakes him like a wildfire in a thirsty forest. He screams again as he clutches his head tightly with both hands. After a few moments, DSD straightens himself while still on his knees. He’s breathing heavily, but it doesn’t take away the punch his next words deliver.

I’ll kill you.

I’ll kill you both.


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Re: D'Angelo St. Daniels Loses Everything.

Post by Miztacular on Tue Apr 25, 2017 1:50 am

As soon as Cole Savage stops talking Eric Matthews theme hits the PA system, and out from the back comes he unmatched general manager with a microphone in his hand, the crowd Rises to their feet in admiration for the  the former three time CMV world champion and former 2 time television champion, the season one veteran of the one the only Eric Matthews! Eric Matthews stands at the top of the stage looking around the arena taking in the overwhelmingly positive vibe that the crowd is giving off, a standing ovation for the unmatched general manager as he looks down on the ring at Cole Savage and D'Angelo St Daniel's.

A brief moment passes before the unmatched and general manager begins to make his way down the ramp passing his legions of fans in the crowd as he makes his way towards the squared circle, as he reaches the ring he turns towards the steel steps climbing them looking into the ring towards Cole Savage, the man who just removed his Brand from the main event of iMPLOSION.

Now inside the ring Eric Matthews stands between D'Angelo St. Daniels and Cole Savage looking back and forth between the two men one of which he's had a history within the past however now they are on the same side, Eric Matthews extends a hand to DSD and the two engage in a handshake, Eric Matthews pats D'Angelo St Daniel's on the shoulder before turning around to face Cole Savage with a Grimace on his face.

Eric Matthews:
Look here Cole Savage, you may have a contract over the Angelo son Daniel's, but, you do not have a contract over me! I am the general manager here on unmatched, I am the one in control and you don't call the shots around here.

Eric Matthews turns to the D'Angelo St. Daniel's with a look of pitty on his face as he continues to talk into the microphone.

Eric Matthews:
Look here buddy we may have had on differences in the past, but this time I'm on your side but it seems here that Cole Savage has quite the ironclad contract over you so I'm going to have to take this into my own hands, but let me assure you this, as long as I am the general manager of unmatched you will get the chance you deserve some time down the line. Right now Cole Savage has leverage over you and to be quite frank, there's nothing I can do about it.

Eric Matthews turns his attention back towards Savage who has a grin across his face, a smile from ear to ear.

Eric Matthews:
You're right Cole, I see that smile on your face, you know it, I know it. There's nothing I can do about your contract over D'Angelo St Daniel's here, all I can do is promise him another shot down the line, but what I can do is argue for my brands spot in the main event of iMPLOSION. Which is exactly what I'm about to do, you see you can give Tops Newsome DSD's spot in the main event of iMPLOSION because of your contract, because of your leverage. But what you can't do is take it all away from my brand and so as far as I see it, the runner up in the Royal Rumble, the very same man who beat the D'Angelo St. Daniel's just two weeks ago, you know who I'm talking about.

The man who just last week beat last year's Royal Rumble winner, August Happytown in singles action, that's right ladies and gentlemen, this Sunday, we need to find out who will be facing either the global champion or the world champion in the main event of implosion, so at blood rash the former television champion will take on, arguably the most decorated champion in CMV history, the former four time tag Team Champion, former tornado tag Team Champion and a former Intercontinental champion, Quantum!

The crowd lets out a gasp in unison, shocked at the very idea, the very Thought of quantum main eventing implosion, a site nobody thought they would ever see, but Eric Matthews is not done there, he looks deep into the eyes of coal Savage and continues.

Eric Matthews:
You see Cole, you can continue to push your agenda like you have three years, but over time you will see that it is all In vain, by this point we have all come to the realization that you do this for yourself, you know that you could never cut it in the wrestling business and so have to live out your dreams through others.

Matthews once again turns towards the Gate City god, D'angelo St. Daniels, nodding towards the former two-time CMV world champion as he continues to talk into the microphone.

Eric Matthews:
Like I said we have had our differences, we have crossed paths in the past, but you have my respect, you have my support, and when you finally get what you want and get your match with cyborg, the match you truly deserve to redeem yourself, your good name, and when you do, the championship match you truly deserve will be yours.

The crowd explodes as the general manager of unmatched and the Gate City God once again shake hands, Matthews raises the arm of DST into the air as the two men look towards Cole Savage, the camera begins to Fade to Black while DSD's theme plays throughout the arena.


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Re: D'Angelo St. Daniels Loses Everything.

Post by 316topher on Tue Apr 25, 2017 11:31 am

Blood Rash really.... Next time get more sleep before you promo.


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Re: D'Angelo St. Daniels Loses Everything.

Post by Childish Meltzer on Tue Apr 25, 2017 11:35 am

To be fair i called it blood bash in a promo


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Re: D'Angelo St. Daniels Loses Everything.

Post by Maurie on Tue Apr 25, 2017 6:16 pm

Blood Bath would be better

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Re: D'Angelo St. Daniels Loses Everything.

Post by Sponsored content

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