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Post by Jay Davis on Sat Apr 22, 2017 6:13 pm

*In an unidentified place, Trey Diamond, the man who got attacked the day before on CMV Unmatched by Solomon Glock, and a Interviewer is seen sitting at a table, face-to-face.*

Interviewer: Welcome ladies and Gentlemen, to a CMV exclusive interview with the Current number one contender for the European Championship, Trey Diamond. Now Diamond, let’s get right to it. How do you feel after the attack by Solomon Glock?

Trey Diamond: Well it hurt. It hurt knowing that my opponent can’t keep to himself. And so, this is where we both stand. Solomon has some major cajones to stab me in the back and attack me like he did at Unmatched. Believe me, he’s done more than me in my career alone. I came here as the rookie, went out as the jobber, and came back a monster. I swept through almost everyone and anyone. Until that tag match. Where Solomon Glock pinned me for the win. Now I respect that he got the win. We both went our separate ways. But now, he just got himself a dance with the devil. Solomon, come Blood Rush….I’m kicking your fucking ass. Next question.

Interviewer: So last night after Unmatched, Marko Punish said that he will be crowned the new European Champion and that he justified you eliminating me at the Royal Rumble. What do you have to say about that?

Trey Diamond: Well Marko Punish...is a individual. He’s been in the ring with the likes of Parker, D’Angelo St. Daniels, and so on and so forth. He stepped in the ring and he proved he was nothing more than what the stories tell me. He’s a machine. He’s built like a brick wall. But has he really justified being eliminated from the Royal Rumble, a match that would possibly make him a world champion, to coming down to the Euro Championship. Well Marko, this is where you step up to ME. You want to get to that title, well when I beat Solomon for the belt, you are going to be my first contestant. Because like I said, I see commitment in your eyes.  And if you beat me for that belt, I’ll know for damn sure. That you are without a doubt the greatest wrestler today to be in CMV.

*Trey then get’s up and walks out, the camera then goes black and the video cuts*


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