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CAW BIO: Xander Slate

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CAW BIO: Xander Slate

Post by Mr. Dashing on Mon Sep 28, 2015 2:13 am

Personal info
Real name: Alexander Mortali
Age: 24
From: Fairfield, CT
Culture: Italian, Irish, Polish

Name: Xander Slate
Nicknames: "Mr. Slate", "Mr. Money in The Bank", "The Show"
Also known as: Mr. Slate, Slate, Alexander Slate
Popular moves: Slayed by Slate (Cobra Clutch slam), Slatewalk Slam (sidewalk slam), Heartstopper (falling back elbow), AA piledriver, fallaway slam, spinebuster, Cobra Clutch, loaded forearm smash
Status: Heel
Tag team/stable: Hillbilly Blue Blood W/Rex Carter 

Allies: Rex Carter, JBL, Aaron Waite, Jerome Robinson
Enemies: Cyborg, Triple H, Blizzard, Hayden, Sunshine, Cole Savage, Randy Borton
Awards/championships: Heel of the Year 2015, 1x MiTB winner, 2x World champion

Slate grew up in the pomp, rich town of Fairfield, Connecticut. But, Slate himself was never very wealthy, living in the “slums” of the town. He molded himself to be something he’s not, he parades around with this “better than you” mentality. He doesn’t prance around to ballroom music, he doesn’t sip fine wines... He’s an ass kicker who will beat you down relentlessly, just to prove that he’s the better man. He ushered his way into the world of professional wrestling at a pretty early age, starting off in the backyards of his friend’s houses. When he was only 18 years young he joined a local wrestling school, forming his in ring abilities and dubbing himself “The Show”. It didn’t take long for Slate to get noticed, competing in various well-known wrestling associations. In ring, Slate is a showman, pure and simple, toying with his opponents like they’re his pets. But don’t count him out of a beat down, drag out, brawl! Slate is here for one reason and one reason only, to prove that he’s the best!

1x CMV Anarchy champion
1x CMV Tag Team champion


1x Mr. Money in The Bank, 2x World Heavyweight Champion, 1x United States champion, 1x CMV World Tag Team champion, Glammy award for Feud of the Year, Glammy Award for Heel of the Year
Xander Slate
Mr. Dashing

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