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Never Easy Anywhere

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Never Easy Anywhere

Post by Tim on Sat Apr 22, 2017 6:29 am

Between the co-main event and the match before, the titantron displays Grey Matter and an excited Shiloh Grey steps out from behind the ribbon. The crowd boos at his poor performance the other night. Shiloh ignores this and proceeds with his entrance, as he slides into the ring he goes to the far side of the ring and holds his hand out for a microphone. The ringside crew politely and promptly hand him on and he taps it with his free hand. The sound reverberates from the PA system through the arena. Quickly silencing the crowd, for the most part.

Shiloh Gray
Good evening, CMV Universe!

The crowd boos loudly, decimating any person the crowd how might be cheering for Grey at the same time.

Shiloh Grey
Yes, I know. I was put in the main event in good faith last week. And I let you all down. For that, I'm truly sorry. And I have no problem starting at the bottom and working my way back up. That's what any ticket paying fan would expect. So I shall. Thank you for the opportunity and I'm sorry I couldn't prove you righ.

It seems a lot of people put faith in me in this particular franchise. I was put in Fusion on the words of my brother, Tim LaFave.

Instantly the crowd erupts at the name of the late Tim LaFave. In that instant remembering all of his accolades and triumphs.

Shiloh Grey
But sadly I let him down as well. Now I stand before you, the CMV Universe, asking for forgivness and more than that. Understanding. I'm not the best wrestler. I never have been. I was trained by my Mom, she taught me everything. But I'm still very green. I was thrown into this rather quickly. You all saw it. I didn't excel in Fusion or Genesis and I'm not excelling now. Some people have a natural talent for this kind of work. I however do not. But in time, with the grace of your paitence. I will be... So I ask you, humbly, as a man, not a CMV Superstar, for a little time to prove myself. That's all I ask.

Shiloh sets the mic, gently, at his feet and the crowd lets loose a mix of cheers and jeers. HOpefuls believe Shiloh will prove him self accordingly, the remainder feel he'll continue down this track of failure. As Shiloh exits the ring he waves with a smile as the scene closes.
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