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New "Japan's Biggest Export"

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New "Japan's Biggest Export"

Post by Jay Davis on Sat Apr 22, 2017 12:14 am

*As Unmatched comes back from it's final commerical, a mysterious aura comes about the arena as it goes dark. Then a unfamiliar theme comes on as flashes of lights come from the stage. Then a figure is seen in the light. As the pyro ends, the crowd explodes as the "Shoot Style Submachine Gun" Ushio Takato, is in C.M.V!! He walks down the ramp, as the adoring fanbase he has cheers him on. He get's into the ring and requests a mic. He gets a mic, as the crowd chant's "Welcome Home". He smiles, then begins speaking*

"Kore wa watashinoiede wa arimasen. Mā mada. This is just beginning for Ushio Takato. And for CMV locker room, be ready. Because I am here."

*As Ushio ends what he was saying, the crowd get's goosebumps as they continue cheering on this man among men. He get's out of the ring as he walks up the ramp and into the back*


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