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CAW BIO: D'Angelo Saint Daniels (DSD)

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CAW BIO: D'Angelo Saint Daniels (DSD)

Post by Childish Meltzer on Sun Sep 27, 2015 5:20 pm

Ring Name
D'Angelo Saint Daniels
Billed From
Carytown, Richmond, Virginia
Gate City, Virginia
Height and Weight
6'3" / 233 lbs.
"The Gate City God"
"The President of PWL"
"The Wrestler Formerly Known as Xavier" (unoffical)
"The Reckless Saint" (unofficial)
"The Role Model for Korean Kids" (unofficial)
Tag Team
Stables / Alliances
The Authority
Greco-Roman Wrestling
Strong Style
Technical Wrestling
Ground Game
Modern Wrestling
Dirty Tactics
Finishing Maneuvers:
2012-2014: GoldenGate Swing (Corkscrew Neckbreaker)- Rarely used thereafter
2014-Present: Knee of Destiny (Knee Trembler) - adopted from Marcell le Mieux
2012-Present: From Lust to Dust (Snapmare Driver)

Trademark Maneuvers:
Headbutt into Belly to Belly Suplex
European Uppercut Combination
Irish Whip Reversal into Belly to Belly Suplex
Dragon Sleeper
Mafia Kick
Running Neckbreaker
Suicide Senton to the Outside
Multiple Knee Lifts
Fujiwara Armbar
Border City Stretch (Boston Crab; while kneeling on the opponent's back or neck)
Points To Himself after Notable Moves
Multiple Suplex Variations
◾ German
◾ Devil-Plex (Leg-Hook Saito)
◾ ForEVER-Plex (Bridging Leg-Hook Belly-to-Back)
◾ Dragon
◾ Half Nelson
◾ Double Underhook
◾ Exploder
◾ Hatch
◾ Snap
Professional Wrestling Debut
2012 (Age 19)
PWL Debut
2012 (Age 19)
CMV Debut
2015 (Age 23)
Tag Team History
(PWL)Contre Toute Attente (2013-2014) - with Marcell le Mieux & Dan Ex
(PWL) American Ground & Air (2015 - 2015) - with Edward Sliver
(CMV) The Authority (2015 - 2016) - with Kane, Jaymes Landon Vain, Nathan Willis
Feud History
Devon Smith (2012)
Michael Tuck/Devon Smith/CJ Goad (2012)
Misty Fountaine (2012)
Stone Ambrose (2013)
Misty Fountaine & Zaria Young (2013) --- with Contre Toute Attente
Kings with Style (2013) -- with Contre Toute Attente
Ethan LeBlanc & Austin Lass (2013) --- with Contre Toute Attente
Ethan LeBlanc (2013) -- with Contre Toute Attente
Michael Dunham (2013)
Austin Lass (2013)
TJ Blade (2014)
Inyene Umoh (2014)
Michael Tuck (2014)
Justin Rainey (2014)
Enoch Sharp IV (2014)
Austin Jones (2014 - 2015)
Rishton League (2015)
Stone Ambrose (2015)
Daniel EX, The HUNT (2015 - 2016)
Stone Ambrose
New Religion
Dallas Space
Marko Punish
Chris Adams/Brett Angel
Jaymes Landon Vain
Sunshine/Kristen Page
Alter Egos
Xavier Virtue (2012-2012)
Francis St. Xavier (2012-2013)
D'Angelo St. Daniels (2013 - Present)
Characters / Gimmicks
Cocky Show-Off / Sidekick/ Dashing Narcissistic: 2012-2013
American Role Model/Narcissistic Revolutionary / Sycophant: 2014-2016
Redemption Driven/Anti-Hero 2016-Present
Short Biography
Daniels has remained a prominent force throughout his nearly four year career. Never has he gone without making sure someone knows that he's there. Influenced by a violent psychosis and a narcissistic mentality, Daniels has also made himself known as one of the most dangerous men in wrestling today.

In the ring, Daniels rejects the fads of the current age. Despite wrestling in Japan and learning the style, Daniels detests Strong Style. He resorts to a brutal striking style, mixed in with roughhouse grappling. His punches land in vulnerable areas. His knees always take the breath of his victims. Finally, he opts to utilize weaponry and undercut methods to make sure he maintains in control. However, he is outclassed by several wrestlers who have refined their game. Nevertheless, caution should always be a priority when it comes to wrestling Daniels.

His intelligence and sharp wit is what makes him dangerous. Very seldom can someone withstand his mental warfare. Even the grave Brett Angel and the upbeat Chris Adams fell prey to his words and egotistical methodology. He specializes in drawing out latent anger in people and then capitalizing on the mistakes they bring. He's always personal, doing his research to attack the lower recesses of an opponent's mind. His malevolence knows no bounds. He'll speak ill on any situation to get his opponents to follow his way. If he can devolve a proper match into a brawl, he'll more than likely win.

It's very hard to outbrawl Daniels as the first half of his career he survived in a bloodthirsty, hardcore environment. In addition to his skill, the extreme conditions made him durable to a frightening point. Pain resonates in Daniels, but it's hard to keep him down. His want to win and his preparations have made him zombie-like.

He takes his "Gate City God" moniker seriously, constantly striving to remain a prevalent force in wrestling. Don't ever thread likely on him. He's won three world championships in his career (and he won't ever let you forget it) and he has the capacity that comes from it. Lately however he has toned down his attitude and shows respect to opponents but will still punt a skull or two to prove a point.
PWL Promo Award (2012)
PWL "AssHole OTY" (2013)
PWL "Tag Champs of the Year" (Shared with CTA) (2013)
PWL "Feud of the Year" (Shared with Inyene Umoh) (2014)
PWL "Best Nickname" (2014)
PWL "Legacy Champion OTY" (2014)
Longest World Tag Team Champion (CTA), PWL
Longest Legacy Champion, PWL
Longest Champion in History, PWL
Undefeated at GoldenGlory at 3-0, PWL
First Wrestler from Another Promotion to tour Japan, PWL
President of Pro Wrestling LIVE!
PWL World Tag Team Champion (2x) --- with CTA (1), American Ground & Air (1)
PWL Hardkore Champion (3x) --- as Francis St. Xavier
PWL PPV Champion --- as Xavier Virtue
RWA HighFlyer Champion -- as Francis St. Xavier
PWL Legacy Champion (2x) -- as Francis St. Xavier/D'Angelo Saint Daniels
OWF Zero Ground Champion -- as D'Angelo Saint Daniels
PWL World Champion -- as D'Angelo St. Daniels
CMV World Champion (2x) -- as D'Angelo St. Daniels
Real Name
Xavier Claiborne
Hopewell, Virginia
Ground Xero Wrestling Training School - Richmond, Virginia
Chris Hero
Childish Meltzer
Main Event Star!
Main Event Star!

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Re: CAW BIO: D'Angelo Saint Daniels (DSD)

Post by Childish Meltzer on Wed Aug 31, 2016 4:34 pm

>Dashing deleting me saying "update" in my own fucking post fuck off


Childish Meltzer
Main Event Star!
Main Event Star!

Posts : 797
Join date : 2015-07-19
Age : 20
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