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After the Loss

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After the Loss

Post by HellishxHades on Sat Apr 22, 2017 2:42 am

As Angelina Hawkins gets to her feet she grabs a mic from ring announcer. She stands in the middle of the ring. She brings the mic to her purple lips. And here Russian accent is obviously.

What the hell was that. I was suppose to face CJ Harvet. Not some... not some... How do you american say this? Oh that right, Not Some Nymphomaniac. I am the Empress of CMV, I am related to the First Tsar of All of Russia, Ivan The Terrible. I do not want these games to be played. I came here to fight, and CJ Harvet which I prepared for, had a strategy for, and had it all planned out.
And CJ your scared that I was gonna beat ya hun. That not gonna work, get your ass out here so i can beat it for the struggle you just put me through.

Angelina Hawkins waits patiently for the CJ Harvet.


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Angelina Hawkins - Women's Intercontinental Championship
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Re: After the Loss

Post by Miztacular on Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:29 pm

Angelina Hawkins crosses her arms in the centre of the Ring in weight for CJ Havret. Moments go by and nothing happens to her dismay, as her face begins to boil up in rage before she is able to explode, the theme of the ferocity general manager Laura Sampson hits the PA system and the crown stands to the feet offering a standing ovation for the general manager.

Moments later Sampson comes out from the back with a microphone in her hand and a smile on her face raising her arms into the air and thanking the crowd, before making her way down to the ring to meet Angelina Hawkins, the Russian Empress inside the ring.

As Sampson enters the ring she receives a dirty look phone the Russian vixen across the ring from her, expecting Havret to have answered the call, and is clearly not happy to see the sight of Laura Sampson. Sampson raises the microphone towards her mouth to talk however the crowds praise is simply too much for Sampson to be able to fit in a word, and so simply let's off a smile as she stands in wait for the crowd to calm down and allow her to speak. Across the ring Hawkins is evidently not enjoying this, the sight of the general manager over shadowing her. Finally after almost 5 minutes of a constant cheer from the crowd towards Sampson, she able to talk.

Laura Sampson:
Look, what happened tonight was a fallacy, and not one that I am proud to let happen on my show. Hawkins, I understand that a win over CJ would have been great for your career and a chance to get back into the title picture. I am deeply sorry for allowing this situation to unfold the way it has, i'm sure the crowd alongside myself were equally looking forward to what could have been a fantastic match between yourself and CJ.

The crownd interrupts Sampson, cutting her off chanting "book the match" "book the match" "book the match" over and over again causing Hawkins to let off the slightest of smiles which catches the eye of Laura Sampson.

Laura Sampson:
I can see it in your eyes, underneath this persona, this aura that you let off. You're really just a normal human being looking for a chance to move forward, and the match against CJ really could have been....

Before Sampson can continue, Hawkins approaches getting it right in the face of the general manager, her slight smile has turned into a look of absolute rage as she stares down on the Ferocity general manager clearly not happy at this humanization she's been given. The sight of this causes Sampson to reevaluate the situation, taking a step back away from the looming figure of Angelina Hawkins.

Laura Sampson:
Woah there, calm down. I can assure you that Myers will be punished for what she did tonight, i'm sure that CJ will be wanting to do the punishment and so at Blood Rush, CJ will go one on one with Bettey Meyers. But hold on I know what you are thinking, you haven't been left out. You are looking for a match to elevate your career well, I have a bigger one for you. Ever since the formation of the Vixens division here has been one of victim who is always willing to fight, always willing to show up, i'm never one to turn down an opponent. I'm talking about the former two time CMV woman's Intercontinental champion "1 shot" Leona!

The crowd explodes once again at the thought of seeing Leona in action next Sunday while in the ring the Russian Empress lets off somewhat of a cocky smile, confident in her chances against a CMV legend in Leona.

Laura Sampson:
If I could leave you with one piece of advice, do not underestimate leona, she has been through it all thick and thin, that is what you asked for right? You wanted a match to elevate your career, well this match could certainly elevate your career, but it also could break your face, watch out for that knee Hawkins, and good luck.

As Sampson drops the mic to the canvas the crowd once again pops in excitement, the hype for blood rush continues to grow to overwhelming levels. Angelina Hawkins crosses her arms hands with a maniacal smile on her face as she watches the general manager of ferocity make her way up the ramp with her theme playing through the PA system while the camera fades to Black.

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