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Every Underdog has their day.....or do they?

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Every Underdog has their day.....or do they?

Post by The Alpha Female FURY on Thu Apr 20, 2017 2:29 pm

Hours before possibly the biggest match of her career and Jenny was understandably very nervous, the so called ultimate underdog fighting the IC champ for the belt. Jenny earned this shot by winning the fatal four-way last week. As she went to the locker room some of the backstage staff was already calling her ‘number 15’ believing she wasn’t going to last long against Fury and just become another name to add to the streak. Now Jenny was really feeling the pressure, and she was starting to doubt that she could pull off the upset and walk out with the title.

Mister Showtime had been seeing Jenny for some months now and felt happy for her getting this title match with Fury. However, it wasn't lost on him that she was worried about the upcoming fight and perhaps thought she didn't have what it took to beat the women's intercontinental champion. He caught up with her backstage and confronted her near the catering area. "Hey. Wanna talk about Fury? I know you probably feel a bit nervous. I'd be too if I had to fight her. She's a tough bitch!" He showed her a warm smile and a kind demeanor. Perhaps they'd help each other out since Showtime had his own problems to deal with as well.

“Bit nervous is a big understatement” Jenny sighed as Showtime caught up with her near the catering area, it was mostly empty for the moment with the other vixens and backstage staff doing other things. “I dunno if can do this Showtime, I feel like a lamb going into the slaughter house. Fury’s a hell of a lot bigger, stronger and meaner than me.” Jenny grabbed a bottle of cold water from the table and took a drink of it to cool her nerves a bit. “I’m sure as hell no Cassie Maverick, or Kitty Quinn Belle or any other vixen that had a win over her.”

"You're right. She's bigger, stronger, and heavier than you." Showtime frowns and stroked his beard before continuing. "But you got something Fury doesn't. You got better knees so you'll move around better and be a good deal faster than her." He gave her a little shrug and got closer. "It's the best gambit to wear her down and finish her off when the time is right. That or knock her out with a chair or something while ref isn't looking," He laughs and hugs her before giving her a kiss to the lips. "Just remember that whatever happens out there tonight, I will always love you."

Jenny just leaned into hug. “Chairshot, you know full well I’m not about those heel tactics. Win or Lose I’m doing it clean. Just do me a favour if Fury looks like she’s murdering me do not let Tommy or Jayden watch that, my boys do not need to see me like that. Well you settled my nerves a little, I best go get ready.”

Showtime smiles and nods. "I'll have them watch something more violent and bloody. That way when they see your match it will look like sunday school. Maybe Deadpool!" He laughed and was clearly joking but she knew that. He hugs and kissed her again and then parted company with her. Jenny needed to be focused on her match and the best thing he could do at the moment was to let her prepare. Jenny knew what to do and win or lose, he'd be there for her after the match.

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