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Post by BatmanBatemanEC3 on Wed Apr 19, 2017 6:38 am

*-After his match with Joey Fatu,  Like a Star @ heaven 'Moviestar' Like a Star @ heaven  Buck Hollywood is searching the corridors backstage looking for a camera man, seemingly looking annoyed and frustrated*-

*- The intensity camera cuts to the back where we see Hollywood and the camera man in an exchange of words*-
Buck:-I DO NOT EXPECT TO HAVE TO COME TO YOU....*-Buck Takes deep breath*- You, should come to me because your know who Iam Mr.Camreaman hmm? You Know WHAT..IAM....hmm? I'm a Moviestar , yourself, the camera should be following me every step I take, waiting , anticipating in deep, deep apprehension about what the A-Lister may do next. But your not and that's the issue I have. You see last week in my very own SHOOT.....INTERVIEW *-There is a small pause as Buck strangely laughs at this expression*-.....Last week in my very own interview on cmv.com I addressed these revolting fans, I addressed the Locker room , all with the mentality that I was under-appreciated, I was disgruntled at the fact no one was talking about my name and tonight this match....this match DIDNT DO ANYTHING....All that match proved was that the new kid should probably catch the next train to NGW.   You see ,In order for me to be the blockbuster hit here on intensity I need some real competition. And tonight I see Zack Starr had quite a lot to say for himself, regarding my truly heroic debut and I mean whilst I remain a little upset about his ludicrous remarks, its highly understandable. I mean there is a new Alpha-Male in town a new... what does he call himself...The Star Attraction? *-The Camera man nods*- There is new a Star attraction in town and that is eating away at him inside because he feels threatened by me and  most importantly he sees potential in ME.. . Potential.....potential that will soon blossom. And it will soon blossom once Iam actually apposed with worthy competition. And I mean although Anyone with half a brain cell would know Zack Starr is not a big deal, I mean the intellectual ones among us would seem him as a Living Blooper reel that in reality he really is, but unfortunately the morans running this show, the powers that be they think differently. So 'Mr Starr' It seems like you got a bone to pick with me.....I got a bone to pick with you and quite frankly this town isn't big enough for the both us. You see I  sure like to come on this mic and ramble but the thing is I have the in-ring ability to back it up between the ropes, Do you? Because so far I'm yet to see any evidence of talent  . Now unfortunately I do not get paid by the minute so I want to Wrap this one up with one last question ....Do you Accept Starr?...ME.....YOU.....ONE ON ONE NEXT WEEK? and it wont be like those romantic sitcoms you star in No, this match Will be a *-Buck Removes sunglasses and stares the camera did in the eye*- A BOX OFFICE SMASH. That is if you have the nerve to accept. *-Buck stands chuckling as The Camera fades to black*-  ]b](Open To Gent)[/b]


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