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Post by 316topher on Mon Apr 17, 2017 2:45 pm

Miss Vicious has just defeated Aerora with a devastating Vicious Piledriver, The ref tries raising her arm, but she tells him to get off and raises her own arm in victory, She looks back at Aerora, smiles and grabs her head, and delivers another Vicious Piledriver.  The fans are booing at the viciousness being displayed. She smiles again and slides out of the ring and grabs a mic.

Vicious : Really, your gonna boo me, the winner of Queen of the Ring, I told each and everyone of you I was winning and I did. You all doubted me, but I was killing the competition…. I was killing it so much that Cassie was so scared that she deliberately got herself disqualified. I can’t blame her to be honest, she saved herself from getting the holy hell beaten out of her. None of her excuses mean nothing,, NOTHING to me… I’m the Queen….. Queen of the Ring, I’m royalty now, but I don’t need a crown, a tiara, a robe  or even a sceptre….Well I have my own version of a sceptre, ask Ashleigh Infinitee about it, HAHAHAHAHAHA.  Oh you can’t because I ended her career.
They call me Miss Vicious for a reason, maybe I’ll have to remind you why they call me that…..More importantly I’ll remind that piece of trash in that very ring why they call me Miss Vicious. Maybe it’s time to end another pitiful career.

Miss Vicious looks under the ring and starts grabbing chairs and throwing them into the ring, shades of what she did to Ashleigh Infinitee.

Mr Gnastastic : Oh god, not again, we saw this once before… Aerora get out of there.

Miss Vicious then grabs her bat from the corner and slides back into the ring….. But Aerora is up, and connects flush with an Aerora’s cutter onto one of the chairs, laying Miss Vicious out.

Emily and Jasmine come rushing down the isle, but Aerora jumps out of the ring and escapes through the crowd.


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