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A-Listers, Hipsters and Pies! OH MY!

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A-Listers, Hipsters and Pies! OH MY!

Post by SonOfAnarchy91 on Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:41 pm

*Following his match with August Happytown, Hayden rises to his feet with a look of frustration on his face as he leaves the ring to retrieve a microphone from the timekeepers area. Now with a microphone in hand, he slides back into the ring looking to say his piece.*

Hayden "Showtime" Kiteley: This is exactly what I was talking about, this roster is full of a bunch of god damn jokes! Not worthy of stepping into the ring with me! It's like I'm in a circus, everyone here is just a bunch of God damn CLOWNS....

*Before Hayden can continue, the theme of  Boso The Magnificent hits the PA system, a look of anger comes over Hayden as he drops the microphone onto the canvas preparing for a fight... but Boso is nowhere to be seen as his assistant The Jester comes out onto the stage on a tricycle and begins to cycle in a circle on the stage only angering Hayden even further causing him to just shout obscenities towards him. Meanwhile on the opposite side of the ring Boso appears from under the ring, pie in hand, he places the pie on the apron before motioning for the crowd to shhhhh as he gently slides into the ring. Boso picks up the pie and tips toes towards Hayden who is about to leave the ring before Boso spins him around and....*

*Boso splats the pie into Haydens face! Rubbing it in hard, before letting him go causing Hayden to stagger away. Hayden attempts to wipe the cream from his eyes only to be met with a kick to the gut from Boso before he laughs loudly and hits Hayden with a SPLAT! Boso picks up the microphone before sitting down and cradling Hayden in his free arm and begins to speak*

Boso: I'm very sorry... he gets cranky when he's sleepy. *Boso laughs then sighs* ahhhh. Generalizing clowns is a very serious matter "Mr. Showtime" especially when you throw in this ah, this paedophile turned hipster-hippy, whatever he's supposed to be, that you just beat in with us. I thought I made myself very clear last week, being a clown is- is an art form, one I take very seriously and for you to disrespect my people is something I simply cannot abide, so until you understand this very, verrrrry simple thing there shall be. A. Great! many pies in your future....

*Hayden begins to stir before Boso before smashes the microphone into Haydens skull and pushes Hayden off. Boso stands up as Hayden crawls to the corner and continues to speak*

Boso: And as for jokes? Heh, well I've got one for ya, *ah-hem*. Knock, Knock;

*Boso points the mic to the crowd who chant back "Who's There?"*

Boso: Retirement! Where you should have stayed "Mr. Showtime". But ahh, until you shu, shuuuu, back there I guess I am here to.... shatterrrrr... your dreeeeamsahh.

*Boso charges at Hayden, who had just pulled himself to his feet in the corner and punts him in the privates in a Shattered Dreams-esque fashion. Hayden collapses grasping his crotch as Boso dances around laughing as his music plays and Unmatched goes to commercial.

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