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CAW BIO: Kendall Wolfe

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CAW BIO: Kendall Wolfe

Post by Guest on Sat Sep 26, 2015 5:02 pm

Real name: Kendall Andrew Moore.
Ring name: Kendall Wolfe.
D.O.B: 23/9/85 (30 Years Old)
Weight: 239 lbs
Height: 6"3
Hometown: ???, South Jersey.

EARLY LIFE: Raised in a family of 3, Kendall was living solid with his parents gaining medium income. Kendall's gravitation towards wrestling didn't go down well with his dad. Things came to a head when Kendall was 17 and imitating wrestling moves with a friend. A piledriver on the grass gone wrong cost Kendall's friend his life and, immediately following the diagnosis, Kendall's dad kicked him out of the house. Kendall travelled all the way from South Jersey to Michigan by bus to participate in a local promotion, MLW, and he's never looked back.....

ACCOLADES: 2x CMV United States Champion, 1x WEW Intercontinental Champion, 5x MLW Champion, 2x MLW Intercontinental Champion, 1x WEW United States Champion, 4x WEW Hardcore Champion, 1x WEW Tag Team Champion, MLW Season 3 Royal Rumble runner-up.

ALLIES: Colin Styles, Randy Borton.

ENEMIES: Levi Marta, Sunshine, Xander Slate, JustIN Sane.

FINISHER: Reverse DDT, Fireman's Carry Slam.



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