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CAW BIO: Lexin Damjen

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CAW BIO: Lexin Damjen

Post by KingWolf on Sat Sep 26, 2015 1:01 pm

Ring Name: Lexin Damjën
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 128 lbs
Hails from: Stockholm, Sweden
Alignment: Neutral
Professional Debut: N/A

 Emarosa - One Hundred Crows/The Used - Ripper

Miss Break Your Face

Wrestling Style: Innovative MMA, Knockout Artist, Mat Technician

Finishers: Youth Lost It(Single Underhook Facebuster) Galvanizing The Enemy(Pin-Up Strong Submission)

Signatures: Brain Damjen(Step-Over Heel Kick) Damjen's Damned End(Running Chop+Dropkick Combo)


Tag Teams/ Stables:

Current Feud:

Zack Sabre Jr., Chris Hero


2x World Heavyweight Champion as Kevin Owens
2015 Superstar/Champion Of The Year
2015 NXT King Of The Ring
     2x Hardcore Champion as Kayden Kynra(Former)
     3x NXT Television Champion as Lorin Seoul  (Former)
1x European ChampionLorin Seoul (Former)
1x NXT Tag Team Champion as JLV(Former)
1x World Heavyweight Champion as JLV(Current)
1x Women's Champion as Lexin Damjen (Former)
1x Hardcore Champion as Lexin Damjen  (Current)
OMG! Moment Of The Year: Running into the steel steps as JLV

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Midcard Playboy

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