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The Reveal

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The Reveal

Post by Miztacular on Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:52 am

Kicking off episode 42 of UnMatched, Jaymes Landon Vains theme hits the PA system, to a hailstorm of “You suck” chants flood the arena at the mere sight of Vain walking out onto to the stage, a microphone in his hand and a look of sheer disappointment on his face as he walks down the ramp towards the ring, he scales the steps and takes a moment, looking around the arena and shaking his head. Vain steps into the ring and immediately, not wanting to be out here any longer then he has to be, he begins talking.

There has always been that moment of clarity that everyone comes across after the bitter taste is swallowed whole. You begin to lose yourself in that exact moment, and to find yourself would be your only escape. To gain what you once had through grit and determination. A story that comes with a close and opens anew. That was me, my back was against the wall and I came into that match prepared for a triple threat. I came into that match with my hands behind my back knowing I could take on the world and then some. Only to be tossed to the wolves, Chris knew it and he took advantage. The palm of my hands, only to be taken from me, well I don't see myself as the type to plead, more so the type to take. However, I am left with no choice but to ask UnMatched management to reconsider. JLV is your guy, JLV can be everyone's friend, let him into your heart and feel the truth of a journeyman. Actually no, THIS ISN'T OVER, UNTIL I SAY IT'S OVER!

The crowd sits in silence for a moment, and as the seconds go by, the silence turns into a small cheer, and Vain senses it as he continues to speak into the microphone.

I know I don’t deserve it! But you deserve it, we all deserve a second chance and I know if I get it, I will do it. Not for myself, but for the fans who have been sitting here behind my back since day one, I may not have always been the nicest guy, or the easiest guy to back, But I owe to the fans to be the Superstar they want me to be!

Before JLV can continue to speak, the crowds cheer is cut off at the sound of the White Tigers theme, as the “Voice of Authority” Arthur Blackwell makes his way out from the back, flanked by Jon Richards and Joe Gastelum. The trio make their way down the ramp, Richards slightly rubbing his neck following his match with JLV last week, the trio enter the ring and square up with the former CMV Tag Team Champion, and his thick New Yorker accent, Arthur Blackwell begins to lay down the law for Jaymes Landon Vain.

Arthur Blackwell:
Ya see here old boy! You don’t call the shots round’ here. Nah you see that’s up to me, the VOICE of the Anonymous General Manager, you’ve had your shot son, your time has passed, and to be honest. Your “peak” happened years ago. There’s no way in hell that you could ever amount to anything more than a measly tag team Champion in this business. You had your pitty moment, you were allowed to believe you could stand with the big boys, but boy lemme tell you that there’s no chance in hell you could ever hit that height again. Not with talent like Jon Richards here, or this absolute wrecking ball of a man you know as Joe Gastelum. Lemme tell you what this man achieved in his debut Vain… This man right here, he has lasted longer than anybody ever has inside the Royal Rumble match, this man has eliminated more people than anybody ever has in a single match in fact, in his one Royal Rumble, he eliminated more people than anyone has overall..

Do you Jaymes… Do you really think you can hold a candle to this man, physically, I don’t think anyone can. Like I said, the highest you will ever climb on the mountain that is CMV is the one tag team belt you had. While this man Joe, a tag team champion was his first prey, last week on UnMatched.

What I’m trying to say Jaymes… Is that of the three wrestlers in this ring right now, two of them would be fine match ups for Chris Adams come iMPLOSION, and I know the anonymous General Manager would agree with me if I said, YOU… Are not one of the----

The crowd ABSOLUTELY EXPLODE IN CHEER at the sound of the FORMER TWO TIME CMV World Champion and FORMER CMV Television Champion’s theme hitting the PA system. All four men in the ring look towards the ramp in absolute confusion under the thought that he was retired at the hands of Voice Vindy, but as moments pass by, out he steps, but not in his wrestling gear as we know him, but in a suit?! With a smile on his face Eric Makes his way down to the ring, a microphone in hand. He leaps onto the apron and lets off a ROAR for the crowd as Pyro erupts around the ring. He steps into the ring, looks at Jaymes Landon Vain and immediately turns towards Blackwell..

Eric Matthews:
You are NOT my voice, and you certainly do NOT have any Authority around here. Ladies and Gentlemen I can assure you anything he did in charge, was not of my word. Yes… I am the Anonymous General Manager. I’m sure you have questions and boy do I have answers. You’re all probably wondering how this all worked out, because of course I was still wrestling when the Anonymous General Manager was announced. You see, the reason I was pushing for the opportunity to put my career on the line aaaaallll the way back on the fallout of Showdown, was because I had been contacted by Sullivan, to be the General Manager, here on UnMatched. I said to the guy look, I’ll take part in this career vs championship match, and if I lose, well then I’ll be your GM. My reasoning was always true. It was my time, and I felt if I couldn’t be on top, then I didn’t need to be wrestling, the fans deserve more than that. Well now they’re going to get more.

Blackwell, your time is done. The ONLY reason you’ve gotten away with what you’ve done up to now is because I’ve either been too busy wrestling, or taking a month off to enjoy my retirement. I was intensity through and through, I didn’t have a clue what you were doing over here on UnMatched. But when I watched you at home on my television screen, I knew that I wouldn’t stand for it. So here I am… The blood sweat and tears that I have given throughout my career has lead me to this moment, and let this be known Ladies and Gentlemen. THAT I BLEED RED! UnMatched is my home, and I’m here to stay. None of this bullcrap that Blackwell has been enforcing will be allowed to stand on my brand. THE BRAND. So… Let’s get down to business..

Blackwell… You think this man, Jaymes Landon Vain, a veteran, much like myself, a man who has given years to this company, doesn’t deserve it, but your lackeys who’ve been here five minutes do. The very man Jaymes Landon Vain beat last week, you feel he deserves a shot at the CMV World Championship?! Well I’m a fair man…. I think the better man should get that shot.. One pinfall could always be a fluke. So how about, a BEST OF THREE SERIES…

The winner… Will get that shot at Blood Rush against Chris Adams, for the chance to MAIN EVENT iMPLOSION. But here’s the thing Blackwell, your boy Richards, he can’t afford to lose, he’s already one down to Jaymes, and guess what. The second match in that series… IS TONIGHT!

Jaymes Landon Vain pats Matthews on the back as he stands alongside the now revealed UnMatched General Manager as they look across the ring to the other three men.

Arthur Blackwell:
You may have power over this brand, but these two gentlemen right here…. I have power over…

Before they have time to react properly, Richards and Gastelum charge at JLV and Matthews, grinding them down into the corner, after a few seconds of solid pounding, the two back off of their respective targets allowing Blackwell to continue talking.

Arthur Blackwell:
Mr. Matthews, you are going to regret not staying at home, I can be su--

Before Blackwell can continue, Matthews rises to his feet, picking Blackwell up onto his shoulders and hitting him with a TKO, from behind Richards tries to get a jump on Matthews but as he runs towards him, Jaymes Landon Vain hits him with a KINSHASA OUT OF NOWHERE!!! Flooring Richards. JLV helps Matthews to his feet, in return Matthews raises his arm in the air. However the duo are forgetting one thing, a tiger hidden in the grass, on the hunt. Matthews and Richards turn around into a double clothesline from Gastelum.

Gastelum picks JLV up to his feet and tosses him out of the ring before turning to Matthews, dazed and confused as Gastelum proceeds to pick him up into the air for a powerbomb! Matthews lays spread across the mat, like marmite on toast. But Joe isn’t done, he grabs him and picks him up for another powerbomb, and another, and another, and a fifth, sixth, seventh, the crowd begin to count with Joe, as he hits an eighth, and a ninth and finally… Dragging Matthews up one last time, as high as he can into the air for a TENTH POWERBOMB. Leavin Matthews a crumpled mess in the center of the ring, Vain rolls back in to attend to Matthews as Joe, Richards and Blackwell make their way up the ramp, the camera pans to Matthews and Vain in the ring with an angered Vain looking back up the ramp as the camera fades to black.


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Re: The Reveal

Post by D.Young77 on Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:22 pm

is every show gonna have a retired wrestler as a gm that'll be boring to promo as


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Re: The Reveal

Post by Borton1 on Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:30 pm

why am i not surprised

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Re: The Reveal

Post by Matthew on Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:31 pm

Good promo Cop


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Re: The Reveal

Post by 316topher on Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:59 pm

mjs1216 wrote:is every show gonna have a retired wrestler as a gm that'll be boring to promo as

Must be BIG FANS of WWE


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Re: The Reveal

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