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CAW BIO: Kayden Kynra

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CAW BIO: Kayden Kynra

Post by KingWolf on Sat Sep 26, 2015 12:57 pm

Real Name: Logan Xavier
Wrestling/Stage Name: Kayden Kynra
Height: 6'2
Weight: 226lbs
Age: 22
Years Pro: 6
Hometown: Resides somewhere in the Jersey Shore
Backstory: A fan turned pro wrestler at the age of 16 he went full throttle into the business after various training camps. Became a Knock-Out artist due to his influence in the MMA field. Not much more is known since he keeps himself secluded from the outside world.

Will update this when more becomes available.


2x World Heavyweight Champion as Kevin Owens
2015 Superstar/Champion Of The Year
2015 NXT King Of The Ring
     2x Hardcore Champion as Kayden Kynra(Former)
     3x NXT Television Champion as Lorin Seoul  (Former)
1x European ChampionLorin Seoul (Former)
1x NXT Tag Team Champion as JLV(Former)
1x World Heavyweight Champion as JLV(Current)
1x Women's Champion as Lexin Damjen (Former)
1x Hardcore Champion as Lexin Damjen  (Current)
OMG! Moment Of The Year: Running into the steel steps as JLV

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