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Kingdom of Destruction |||

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Kingdom of Destruction |||

Post by HellishxHades on Sun Apr 09, 2017 10:09 pm

Prior to the tag team match of Zach Smith and Angelo Woods vs Gerhald Foster and George King. George is stopped by Phillip Miller, NGW Official Interviewer, and asked him some questions about last week and the future.

Miller: Uhm. Mr. King, may I get a word with you?

You have Three Minutes before I drop you and go on to win this tag match that I been forced into.

Phillip Miller gulps at the sound of being Man Handled by the 6'5" George King.

Ok. I won't take long. Last week after you defeated Zach Smith, you delivered an extra dose of your Royal Flush. Do you have something against Zach.

Zach. The only problem I had with Zach was he try to tell the King what to do. I went and delivered the beating to show that you don't tell me what to do. I was gonna let it all go, but he ruined my traditional victory moment. A moment I done since I became King. And that was adding a subject to my Kingdom of Destruction. He rebelled and paid the consequence for his actions.

Over the last few weeks we seen strange messages on the titantron, that seem to only occur during your matches. Do you know what is coming to NGW?

One of the Greatest Warriors in this industry, he is...

He is?

George grabs Miller and pulls him close and throws him to the ground.

Your time is up. Your lucky I have to make a subject out of Zach Smith again or it would be you that be bowing at my feet.

George walks through the curtains to the sea of boos by the CMV Universe.


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