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Post by 316topher on Sun Apr 09, 2017 6:39 pm

Quinn-Belle is backstage on her mobile phone when Lisa Evans walks by….

Quinn : Yea ok babes, I’ll see ya later.

Lisa : OOOHHH is that Ziegler, tell him I said hi and that CMV misses him.

Quinn : WOW, just wow, ever heard of a thing called privacy, I mean do I eaves drop on your private conversations.

Quinn puts the phone into her pocket….

Lisa : Sorry, I didn’t mean to.

Quinn : Don’t worry about it, I just don’t like people talking about my personal life.

Lisa : Again, I’m sorry,  but if you want, we can talk about what you did at Take-Over and what the future holds.

Quinn : OK sure, well we all saw what happened last year in the 1st ever Vixens Royal Rumble when Jade Divine won, it guaranteed her a shot at the Vixens Champion which was me by the way and at Ascendance IV we tore the roof off that place as we was the best match on the card….. Fast forward a year later to the 2nd Vixens Royal Rumble and it’s me who’s in that position, I am the winner of the Vixens Royal Rumble, and I have earned my shot at the title at Implosion.

Lisa : That is true and how fitting The Queen of Botchville won The Royal Rumble, but you’ve also been on a hot streak since coming to Ferocity.

Quinn : Well I’ve been training hard and it’s paying off in that very ring. But I take each match as it comes, I use what brought me to the dance, whether it’s my Botch-Plex, my Irish-Sleeper or something unexpected like Quinn your Face… All these moves can win a match or maybe I’ll hit something new, who knows, but I’m always learning and improving.... At the same time just look at the Woman's Division, the talent is stacked, so many names from Fury, Cassie, to No Morality, CJ even the newcomers Bettey and my good friend Willow, well the list could go on and on, you get the picture.... My point is every match is hard, you just have to dig down deep and give it your all.
Which brings me to Implosion, I’ve booked my place into the Vixens Main Event, which is long over due I might add, Who will I face is another story, currently the Champ is Megan Cooper and I know how tough she is. If she`s still Champ by then, well lets just say I hope she’s ready for The Queen of Bitch-Slaps

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1x CMV Television Champion - Top's Newsome

1x CMV Womens Undisputed Champion - Quinn-Belle
1x CMV Vixens Champion - Quinn-Belle
1x CMV Undisputed Champion - Chris Andrews
1x CMV International Champion - Chris Andrews
2x CMV Anarchy Champion - Chris Andrews
1x CMV Wold Tag Team Champion (Divine Affairs w/Paul Divine)
1x CMV Womans Intercontinental Champion - Dawn Bryan
1x CMV Tag Team Champion - Kid Campbell (Gladiators w/ Rashad Rockwell)
2x CMV Light Heavyweight Champion - El Jefe
1x CMV Tag Team Champion - Don Bishop (The Wanderers w/ Gavin Extreme)
1x CMV World Tag Team Champions - Police Squad
Main Event Star!
Main Event Star!

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Re: Bitch-Slaps

Post by Maurie on Sun Apr 09, 2017 6:57 pm

Ziegler more over than Quinn in this promo.

Luther Thunder: 1x European Champion
Rashad Rockwell:1x Tag Team Champion with Kidd Campbell
Eligah Stewart: 1x Tag Champion with DJ Moore
Jimmaurie Williams:  2x CMV International Champion. Debut Episode 109.
Parker: 1x European Champion
Anthony Brown: 1x Television Champion

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Main Event Star!

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Re: Bitch-Slaps

Post by Miztacular on Sun Apr 09, 2017 7:32 pm

How dare you disrespect the queen

Matthew wrote: Hayden is so much better than Schmidty in every way.

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Re: Bitch-Slaps

Post by Sponsored content

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