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Post by 316topher on Sat Apr 08, 2017 3:46 pm

Tia Powley is backstage watching footage of No Morality destroying and ending Ashleigh Infinitee’s career.

Tia : Vicious….Vicious …. VICIOUS  Hahahahaha but I like being Vicious. She deserved what happened to her, when I wrapped those chairs around her limbs and 1 by 1 I struck those chairs with this very bat in my hand, Vicious.

Lisa Evans walk by and notices Tia talking to herself…

Lisa : Ummm you ok Tia?

Tia : WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME, SHUT UP….. Don’t answer that you don’t get to call me by my real name, none of you do, not you, not the CMV Universe. You refer to me as Miss Vicious from now on, I am thee most Vicious Vixen in all of CMV.  Don’t you ever forget that or you might end up like poor little Miss Infinitee. Ya see when I split from The Puppet Master, I wont say his name, he’s no longer family, but I am sick of being called as Tia.  I will no longer be known by that name, they don’t get to name me. I get to name me and I’M VICIOUS.

Lisa : Sorry, Sorry, I’ll go…

Miss Vicious : You stay right there, you go, when I tell you to go, got that…. GOOD. Now ask me a damn question before I hit a home run with your face.

Lisa is scared to death and does as she is told…

Lisa : Ummmm ok, ok, ok Ummmm S.s.s.s.s.so Miss Vicious let me ask you this, with your new identity, What do you have in store for Dawn Bryan and whoever else you may face in the Queen of the Ring tournament?

Miss Vicious : Let’s just say it’s going to be Vicious…. Hahahahaaha… Ya see Dawn, and everyone else involved, listen, listen real good. I don’t care if you’ve held CMV gold in the past, I don’t care if you’re new to the roster, I sure as hell don’t care if you’re some pathetic old part timer who has made a comeback. That there  is my ring and I’m thee next Queen of the Ring, ain’t no one telling me otherwise, you got that. I’ll be taking No Morality to new heights, like never before and it all starts when I’m crowned Queen of the Ring.

>>>Open to Miz<<<


1x CMV Television Champion - Top's Newsome

1x CMV Womens Undisputed Champion - Quinn-Belle
1x CMV Vixens Champion - Quinn-Belle
1x CMV Undisputed Champion - Chris Andrews
1x CMV International Champion - Chris Andrews
2x CMV Anarchy Champion - Chris Andrews
1x CMV Wold Tag Team Champion (Divine Affairs w/Paul Divine)
1x CMV Womans Intercontinental Champion - Dawn Bryan
1x CMV Tag Team Champion - Kid Campbell (Gladiators w/ Rashad Rockwell)
2x CMV Light Heavyweight Champion - El Jefe
1x CMV Tag Team Champion - Don Bishop (The Wanderers w/ Gavin Extreme)
1x CMV World Tag Team Champions - Police Squad
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Main Event Star!

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Re: VICIOUS!!!!!

Post by Miztacular on Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:09 pm

And what a statement it will be when you do, win Queen of the Ring.

Before this impromptu backstage interview can continue, the leader of No Morality interrupts, walking on screen with a smile on her face, patting Tia on the head, she lets off a little scowl as Caldwell chuckles, looking towards Lisa Evans.

Sophia Caldwell:
Because that is.. What Tia is going to do, we’ve had our bickering, we’ve had our fights, but at the end of the day she knows what got her to this position, she knows our mantra, and she will do what is right for not only the future of No Morality…

Caldwell takes a second before looking over towards Tia, who looks back with a sincere look of disdain for Caldwell using her first name.

Sophia Caldwell:
But for her future as well.

Don’t think I didn’t see that look on your face Tiiiiiiiaaa. You can go around calling yourself whatever you want. But I run the show here, I am the leader of our regime, and I WILL not refer to you under such a ludicrous name. To me, you always will be Tia Powley.

You see Lisa I have no doubt in my mind that Tia will do the right thing, she will not forget what brought her to the dance, who rid her from that Puppet Handling fool. She was going nowhere, and I saved her, I cleansed her with my vision. She is in my debt.

And because of this debt, I know FOR SURE, that she will follow our code, AND our vision, and drop that twelve pound paperweight and issue a statement that nobody can deny. No Morality are bigger than the belts...

Caldwell once again looks over at Tia. This time with a stern, serious look upon her face.

Sophia Caldwell:
She WILL remember that…

Caldwell keeps her eyes locked on Tia as she walks out of the frame, the camera fading to black.


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