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The Time is Coming

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The Time is Coming

Post by Solaris Arc on Thu Apr 06, 2017 12:12 am

NGW returned from its commercials break to a sight of backstage. Gerhard Fischer was slowly walking down the hallway until he stopped at the Gorilla Position and thought to himself. He did not have a match, but he wanted to get some things off his chest. He sighed and slowly turned to the curtain.

The cameras cut to a shot of the crowd, just before Gerhard's music hit.

The fans began to boo as they heard the music hit. Gerhard slowly walking onto the stage and popped his neck. His pyro went off as he began to make his way to the ring. He stopped to look at a fans sign that read "Die Gerhard Die". He took a step back and gave the sign a big boot, his foot making a decent sized hole in it. He chuckled and put his focus back onto the ring. He climbed in, asking for a mic while also signalling for his music to be cut.

He stood there for a few seconds, letting the boos and heat settle down before speaking.

Gerhard Fischer: It has only been one episode and many of you already hate me... I can understand why. You dislike me because I am superior to many of you... And also superior to the local heroes that you cheer on in this ring. Hell, you'll cheer the idiots and douchebags as well.

He gently scratched his chin, moving back and forth.

Gerhard Fischer: Why don't I give you a reason to cheer me then? I might not have a match tonight, but I could use one for the future. But who will it be? Which lucky guy has enough balls to be able to walk out here and accept my request? And will they win?

The answer to that last question... is Hell No! I am like a tank, durable, powerfulm and unstoppable! So who would like to be blown away?

(Open to anyone tbh fam)


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