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Novak Klan

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Novak Klan

Post by Decided Villain on Thu Apr 06, 2017 11:57 am

UnMatched Ep. 41 (#239)

After his successful singles match return, Bryan Novak exits the ring to the commentators side, to a surprising number of boo's. As Novak grabs a microphone the boo's become louder. Once Novak enters the ring he pauses to look at the crowd as they show displeasure to him holding a microphone, but thanking the gods he doesn't have a random baseball bat.

Novak lifts the microphone to his mouth and pauses again. More boo's fill out the area before a chant of 'Bryan Novak' occurs. Novak lowers the mic and takes it all in, admiring his return to the place that made him, the place he feels at home. Out of nowhere Novak throws the mic into the air and hits it with a 'Novakaine' to a huge ovation from the packed crowd.

Novak then leaves the ring anf begins to walk up the ramp as his theme music plays. The Novak of old is back. He he is looking for championship gold.


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