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On the Hunt!

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On the Hunt!

Post by Gumble on Wed Apr 05, 2017 12:13 am

The weather is hot and the crowd is hotter as the 2nd ever episode of NGW continues and the PA system blares the theme of Case Hunt!

The crowd cheers as Hunt walks out on to the stage with a smile on his face and microphone in hand. Heading down to the ring he stops to bump some fists with fans and then slides into the ring waiting for the crowd to simmer before speaking.

Case Hunt

A wise man once told me that if you wanted to BE the best, you have to BEAT the best... Well after a long journey I'm finally here and i'm ready to prove that I am the best. Now... that starts with getting into the triple threat match to determine the 1st ever NGW champion. My whole life has been a long and winding road culminating at this point and I'm not about to let this opportunity slip away. So tonight I will continue on this path all the way to the top and with the CMV universe by my side I know that I can make it.

The crowd cheers at the respect and acknowledgement the newcomer was showing.

Case Hunt

It doesn't matter how many hoops I have to jump through, how many hills I have to climb because at the end of the day when the dust settles I will be at the top of this company, I see superstars saying they 'deserve' to be in the triple threat already... NEWSFLASH it's been one week and son, there are still plenty of other superstars here to prove you wrong and as far as I'm concerned you are just another rung on the ladder, I'm making it known to every other superstar on the NGW roster to fall in line because this is MY time.

Case drops the mic and the crowd cheers once again for the newcomer.

1) Open to Dashing
2) The segment fades to black


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Re: On the Hunt!

Post by Mr. Dashing on Wed Apr 05, 2017 12:08 pm

The roar of the crowd is electric as out from the gorilla position comes the one, the only, Odio Jr.! Many know him from his time in Mexico, competing in AAA, and for those who have never seen him in action before, well they got a taste of his amazing in-ring work on last week's debut episode of NGW. Odio comes out with his torch set ablaze, jogging down the ramp, he circles the ring twice, Hunt watching on from the center of it, not seeming too impressed. Jr. climbs up onto the ring apron and then poses up atop one of the turnbuckles, bringing the flames to his lips and spitting the fire out of his mouth, like a mystical dragon, and it nearly singes Case's hair. Odio drops down and hands off his torch to a ringside crew member who gives him a mic in exchange.

Case, no puedo dejar de sentarme detrás del escenario y ser personalmente insultado por lo que usted está diciendo. Es posible que haya estado en el equipo ganador la semana pasada, amigo mío, pero usted no me pin!

Those in the audience who know Spanish cheer for their idol, Case obviously doesn't or is at least quite rusty, as he places his hands on his hips and shakes his head.

Caso, tenemos un partido esta noche, así que no entiendo por qué estás aquí haciendo falsas promesas al universo de CMV, cuando deberías estar listo para perder a MI!

Again, Hunt shakes his head, Odio realizing that he's not getting through to his opponent, decides to attempt some VERY broken English to get his point across.

You . . . Talk . . . Too . . . Much . . . WE FIGHT!!!

Case heard that, as the two come face to face, Odio clenching his fists, ready for their match to start a little bit early.

(Open to Gumble)

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Re: On the Hunt!

Post by PREDICTION KING on Wed Apr 05, 2017 9:15 pm

As the two look ready to tussle in the ring, the general manager, for now, Ted Dickens, steps out from behind his commentary table with a microphone in hand.

Ted Dickens
Woah woah, hold your horses boys. Now, as announced earlier in the week, next week there will be a new general manager to run the show. But, tonight, I still run things around here. You two wanna fight so bad, then I'll let you fight.......in the main event of the evening....Case Hunt versus Odio Jr! How does that sound?

Odio and Case look at each other after the announcement and shake their heads as the intro to the show appears on our screen.


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Re: On the Hunt!

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