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Under the mask

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Under the mask

Post by Miztacular on Tue Apr 04, 2017 4:32 am

The camera opens up for the start of UnMatched Episode 41, the fallout of an outstanding Takeover Event, an eager crowd sits in wait for it is surely  to be another thrilling night of action. Soon enough the crowds erupting presence is interrupted by the sound of the former CMV World Champions theme music hitting the PA System and blaring around the arena. Met with somewhat of a mixed reception following his absence from the triple threat World Championship Match just a few short nights ago at Takeover due to a backstage altercation. Expecting an explanation for all this, the crowd simmer down in anticipation.

Moments go by and not a figure can be seen coming out from the back, almost dead quiet now is the crowd as they await Sunshine's appearance, and surely enough following a brief moment of silence, Sunshine's smoke begins to cover the stage and out he steps IT'S.... Not Sunshine. But instead the masked attacker from a few nights before. The masked man, met by sheer confusion from the crowd walks to the top of the stage, simply raising his index finger as if to say he has a plan.. But the crowd could in no way, shape or form be prepared for what they were about to see...




The crowd EXPLODES at the sound of the former three time CMV Undisputed Champions theme hitting the PA system, welcoming Hayden to UnMatched for the first time since last years iMPLOSION event.. Moments go by and the masked figure looks down, slowly pulling off his replica Sunshine mask to reveal himself to be the one, the only. Hayden "Blade" Kiteley!!! Letting off a cocky smirk towards this high energy crowd as he throws the Sunshine mask out into the sea of heads chanting his name, he makes his way down the ramp towards the ring, being sure to circle around to retrieve a microphone from the timekeepers area. Hayden, now with a microphone in his hands, enters the ring, looking around the arena he smiles, letting the crowd soak it all in. He even makes sure to climb the nearest turnbuckle, spreading his arms out wide, allowing them to feel his presence here on UnMatched. After a few moments go by he jumps down from the turnbuckle and turns towards the hard camera, raising the microphone to his mouth.

Hayden "Blade" Kiteley:
Ladies and Gentlemen..... Will you please take a moment to shut your mouths, daddies here and I have a little explaining to do. I'm sure you all have questions well quite frankly this isn't a Q and A, this is my time, it's Showtime and I have a few things I gotta get off my chest. Like firstly.... Why am I here?! The place I so passionately defecated on last season. Well I can say for sure it is not because of any of you. You see I came here for a few reasons, one of them have already been checked right off the list. That one being Sunshine of course. Why him? Why now? Well you see I had a little unfinished business when this guy tried coming at me when I made my grand return to Fusion last year. He was afraid of me stealing his spot. Well guess what Sunshine. I just did steal your spot, literally.. I've never been a fan of loose ends and I'm oh so glad to have tied that one up. I can assure you... We won't be seeing him for a loooooong time. Where's he going to go? I DESTROYED his home a few weeks ago. Bah, good riddance to him. You simply don't start a fight with me... Hayden... SHOWTIME. Kiteley. Because I will finish it, no matter how far I have to go to do so.

But like I said... That ain't the only reason I'm here..

Hayden lowers the microphone for a moment as he lets out a chuckle, laughing at the crowd who'd believed he was here for them.

Hayden "Showtime" Kiteley:
You all seem so shocked!... Please....

But anyway.. Like I was saying.. That ain't the only reason I'm here for the foreseeable future. In fact it's real simple really... Fusion and Genesis? They can't handle  a star like me, otherwise they'd have wanted me back by now right? All I said, these were the demands I sent, IN WRITING. All I wanted was for JustIN Sane to erect a statue of me in his living room and bow down to it every night AND my spot at the VERY FRONT of the banner. Really not hard to ask for a star like me. But they know, they just know that I can beat everyone on that roster if I really wanted to, and for that reason I'm a liability to them, I'd shut down any star that crossed my path. Last season, why that was me showing them pity, not using the single most effective move in CMV history, The Hollywood Hold, and even then, still picked up two belts.  But anyway, back to the story, I didn't hear back from them, but it didn't matter, because I was contacted by Thomas Sullivan, the man with a 75% share in this half of the company, and brought me in to a deal which holds NO TIES. That's right, I'm not tied down to a roster. I could go where I want when I want, he see's my worth. So I graciously accepted, hell I didn't need my spot on the banner when I knew I could become the face of both UnMatched and Intensity. Just like I became the face of Fusion, and the face of Hollywood.

A wise friend once told me, it's all about your legacy and what you leave behind. Well that just added even more incentive for me.. I'm a grand slam champion where the grass is green. But over here. I've won nothing, never even had a Title match, but that'll soon change. I'm declaring my intentions right now... I will become.. The only person in CMV history to hold THE BELT on both of CMV's flagship shows. I've had the Undisputed Title, and now I've got my sights set on the World Title... Sunshines been checked off the list, now it's time to check that belt off too..

And with all that in mind, there's one more thing I want.... To be recognized as the greatest wrestler to ever compete in this company.. There's only one person who can ride that name with me, and that's Justin Sane. He came from here, and I'm here to erase his path from history, covering it with my own tracks as I become... UNMATCHED.

You guys can boo me, you guys can cheer me. But quite frankly... I just don't give a damn. I'm here for me, and my brand only, that's how it will stay..

I'm sure all those clowns in the back that wish they could be a superstar ain't happy about it, and that's fine, but if any of them are man enough to come and say something to my face about it, I say bring it on...

Hayden lowers the microphone and leans into the ropes nearest the announce table, looking towards the ramp, eagerly waiting.. Minutes go by to no response, however before he can gloat, a familiar theme hits the PA system.

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Re: Under the mask

Post by SonOfAnarchy91 on Tue Apr 04, 2017 4:08 pm

*A look of confusion comes over Haydens face as, still feeling the effects from his beating at the hands of The White Tiger Joe Gatselum last night at Takeover, Boso The Magnificent limps out onto the stage, with a neck cast on and his assistant The Jester carrying a mannequin. As they reach center stage The Jester stands the mannequin beside Boso before scurrying to the back. As Boso's music fades out he raises his mic and begins to speak...*

Boso : AHC! *Boso grunts in pain* Just- bear with me for a moment- *Boso looks around and takes a big breathe as he continues to speak*, phew, that was, uhh that was a further walk than I thought it would be.

Hayden: I think you might be a little lost here friend.

Boso: Oh?.. no.

Hayden: No?

Boso: No, no-no-no-no-no, NO.... heh, I'm, I'm right where I need to be.

Hayden: This some sort of joke?

Boso : Oh believe me friend, this, ha ha *Boso lets out a weak laugh*, this is no laughing matter.... Clowns huh?

Hayden: What?

Boso: CLOWNS! Thats, uh, thats what you called everyone in the back there.

Hayden: Yeah?

Boso: Yeah...

Hayden: Yeah so what!?

Boso: So what he says? *Boso lets out a loud laugh before stopping to grab his neck in pain* ACH!.... Well if you excuse me sir, I take GREAT offense to that.

Hayden: I honestly don't give a crap what you take offense to.

Boso: OH but you should, you really, really should... as its discrimination! *Hayden screws up his face in confsuion* YES! Discrimination, against Clowns! And as A Clown I take great offense to the word clown being used in an insulting manner. Being a clown isn't just a job, it isn't just this silly little thing, not a choice, one does not choose to be a clown, one either IS a clown or is not a clown. Its a lifestyle, a lifestyle I take very, very seriously.... *Boso lets out another loud laugh before having to once again grab his neck in pain*

Hayden: I'm sorry but are you insane?-
Boso:*mutters quickly* my psychiatrist would certainly say so-
Hayden: Are you high?

Boso: Well these painkillers doooo, have a paticular kick, BUT! *The Jester begins to walk back out with a box in his hand as Boso continues* For this great insult upon my people, I felt it only just that I give you fair warning; *The Jester opens and raises the box up to Boso* thank you Jesty; that not tonight, not tomorrow but someday very very soon it will be my honor to exact justice on behalf of my proud proud people, until then it is my privilege to show you, right here, right now exactly what your future holds Mr. "Showtime"....

*Boso drops his microphone and stares at Hayden, smiling, for a moment before grabbing a PIE from the box The Jester brought out and slams it into the face of the mannequin, rubbing it in before pushing the mannequin to the ground, Boso lets out a laugh before looking angrily back to Hayden as his music plays and Unmatched cuts to commercial*

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