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Straight Edge Lifestyle (Rivalry)

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Straight Edge Lifestyle (Rivalry)

Post by Road Warrior Rage on Mon Apr 03, 2017 1:08 pm

Backstage at Takeover...

There was a celebration backstage after the Wanderers had finally won the tag team championship. The New Orient Express was with the new champions and there was plenty of Dominos Pizza and booze to go around. Mister Showtime was a bit envious of the Wanderers big title win by he was also genuinely happy for them. Perhaps one day, they'd challenge the Wanderers for the tag titles in the foreseeable future. As Takeshi and Jenny were talking to the new tag team champs...well mostly Jenny since Takeshi was deaf, Showtime opened a bottle of Jack Daniels and sniffed its contents.

"Mmmm. Smells like Cassie Mavericks kisses!" he joked to himself. Honestly, he had never really interacted much with the infamous "cowbitch" as she was often called. But she was well known to be a bit of drinker when she wasn't wrestling. Thankfully, Jenny was out of ear shot of the comment even though it was an innocent one. Little did he know that he was soon joined by a man who was less than happy to see the young and talented Showtime about to take a drink.

(Open to Hellish and Tops and Fury should they want to add something.)

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Re: Straight Edge Lifestyle (Rivalry)

Post by HellishxHades on Wed Apr 12, 2017 7:41 am

Phillip Melick walks across to see Mr. Showtime lifting the bottle closer to his lips.


Everyone at the party stopped and look at the Straight Edge Soldier.

Showtime stop that. This is the reason you lost the titles. You need to take the pledge to become straight edge,
and turn these demons of yours away.

Showtime laughs thinking that someone messing with him.

This isn't a joke. And I am tired of this locker room thinking I am nothing more than a joke. Showtime fight me.
Fight me, so I can beat your demons out of you. And show you that straight edge is better than your miserable life.

[Open to UFF]


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