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Told you so...

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Told you so...

Post by Matthew on Sun Apr 02, 2017 6:53 pm

As the intro to Intensity ends and the stage is lit up with beautiful pyro, the fans scream in anticipation for tonight's fallout show. They wait no longer as the PA System lights up and The Wreckage - Breaking Through is heard throughout the arena.

And out comes the NEW and now TWO TIME Global Champion, Voice Vindy, who of course his sporting a very smug look with a slight smile being shown as he wastes no time in walking down the ramp and into the ring with a microphone in hand. However, before speaking, he feels the need to unstrap the belt from his waist and hold it up for all to see. Sort of symbolizing that he's the man once again. The fans react in a negative way, booing him as he lays the belt on his shoulder and begins to speak.[/b]

Voice Vindy
I told you all what was going to happen before it happened but nobody wanted to believe me. I waited all month to knock that smile off of Omega Lee's face and take back what was rightfully mine. I was patient. Quiet. And dangerous. Yet he made the mistake of focusing on somebody else. He was foolish. And that led to his downfall and now.....who really is Omega Lee? Without his name written in gold he's a nobody. Drifting back to the same state of irrelevance he was in before he grabbed that briefcase. Omega Lee was never supposed to go any further than the Television Championship. It was a mistake. Him beating me for the Global Championship was a mistake. And if you disagree, then take out your iphone's, log onto CMV Network, and watch our match from Takeover. I destroyed him. Made him my bitch and now, I am back where I belong. On top.

The crowd boo him due to how he goes about himself. The cocky tone of voice he has. It doesn't sit well with them. But he doesn't care. He's living the life. With the world title firmly on his shoulder.

Voice Vindy
You can boo me all you want. I do not care about you. I do not care about the people. My move, "Voice of the People" is nothing but an ironic jab at all of you. I do the things that I do for me. I didn't lace up these boots 15 years ago to get cheered. I did it to be the very best. And 15 years later, I am just that. The best. Nobody can top me. What I've accomplished in my FIRST YEAR in CMV. Nobody can hold a candle to the light I possess. And those who think they can are as foolish as Omega Lee thinking he could beat me at 100%.

He smiles once again.

Voice Vindy
Take a good long look ladies and gentlemen. No. Close your eyes. And listen. This.....this is the Voice......of......Greatness..........

Vindy inhales and exhales a big breath with his eyes closed, opening them with that same old cocky smirk on his face.

Voice Vindy
There's no den.......

Suddenly Voice's smirk goes away as all attention is directed towards the stage.

A) Open to Gent
B) Open to Cop
C) Voice leaves after saying "Voice.....of.....Greatness".


Accomplishments :
2018 Heel of the Year as Schmidty
2018 Newcomer of the Year as Schmidty
2018 Face of the Year as Bob Luger
2018 Promoer of the Year
1x European Champion as Schmidty
2x United States Champion as Schmidty
1x Undisputed Champion as Schmidty
1x Alpha World Champion as Bob Luger
1x Tag Team Champion as Murdoc
1x Tag Team Champion as Freddy Osborne
2x Light Heavyweight Champion as Billy Weaver
1x Light Heavyweight Champion as Bryce Hurt

1x Dashing's ride or die chick
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Main Event Star!

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