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Evil Unleashed

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Evil Unleashed

Post by The Alpha Female FURY on Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:54 pm

In a dark room within Bill Mavericks unholy hideaway, a huge figure sat hidden in the darkness. Raising a hand into the dim candlelight one can see the figure open and close the hand, like he was examining it. It had been so long, well over a millennia since he had a body. A punishment for an ancient betrayal, he spent 1000 years as a disembodied soul and now thanks to a dark ritual Mannoroth was given a new body to call his own.

But even then this body was still a punishment, he was trapped into the soft flesh of a mere mortal. Mannoroth snarled baring unsually sharp canines, this body thanks to the ritual had gained some improvements but was nothing like Mannoroths true form. This seemed to be the start of a new punishment for him, he was now forced to be a tormentor and a slave for Bill Maverick, to enforce his will. From what Mannoroth had learned this foolish little mortal wanted to bring darkness to this company called CMV, in truth Mannoroth felt insulted he was once a powerful demon lord and now he was forced into competing against little mortals for Mavericks amusement. Oh how he wished he had just stayed as a disembodied soul.

Bill Maverick was over joyed that he had long last grown strong enough to summon a demon into a human corpse freshy killed and recovered in a traffic accident. The body was repaired through black magic and given a dark and tormented soul as a "gift" from his dark lord. But little did Bill knew that this was in fact further punishment for poor Mannoroth. To be subservient to such a sick and twisted little man with delusions of godhood. The man also know as FEAR addressed his lesser minon from his satanic podium. "Today my children, I'm happy to announce that I have given birth to my greatest creation! He'll be the living death to all who dares oppose us! He will not fail us for unlike the rest of mere mortals, he is a true demon!"

Mannoroths attention was drawn to the other room where FEAR was addressing his other minons, the little man was talking about him, bragging about his ‘success’. If Mistah FEAR was as good at dealing with stuff himself as he was at talking then he wouldn’t need Mannoroth to fight those that oppose him. Mannoroth had had enough of staying in this little room and finally arose to his feet, while his human body was a mountain of a man he still felt so small in it. It took him a little moment to get used to moving in this body. Just before he emerged from the room he grabbed the top hat with the red feather on the front that had belonged to body he had been given. “Think i’ll keep this” he muttered as he placed the hat on his head.

Finally he emerged from the room, Mistah FEAR was too busy speaking to his minons to notice the hulking being that was lurking behind him, at least until he was covered in darkness from the huge shadow Mannoroth casted.

Bill Maverick knew something was wrong when there was a sudden hushed silence over the crowd of followers. Mannoroth in spite of his size took very quiet steps. Thus he was easily able to sneak up on his "Master". Even Rage and Gluttony were in awe of Mannoroths gigantic proportions. The Jezebels however weren't that concerned and made a little joke of "who's the bitch here?" before giggling. Bill slowly turned to see his monster glaring down on him and smiles, backing away from his behemoth. Perhaps Mannoroth had something to say to his new family. One would think that after a thousand years of imprisonment, he'd have a lot to get off his chest. Whatever Mannoroth had it say, it certainly wasn't going to be good.

It didn’t surprise Mannoroth the silence that his presence brought among the little mans other minons, it was only FEAR that had been present during the ritual that brought him to life and so this was the first he got to see of his new ‘family’. It seemed that the females were the only ones not concerned about the demon in human form that stood behind their leader. Mannoroth snarled as FEAR turned around and smiled before he backed away, good thing to as just as FEAR stepped away from the satanic altar Mannoroth swatted the altar aside, his first words drowning out the altar shattering into pieces. “Enough fooling around little man, show me the first you want me to destroy before I go find other ways to amuse myself.”

FEAR laughed and reached into his jacket. He pulls it out and it was revealed to be a folded photograph of Mannoroths first victim. Nobody in the Unholy Alliance knew who this next target would be but Bill's hitlist of chosen sacrifices was vast and he did it all to earn the tributes of his dark lord Ra'mallah. Mannoroth took the photo and unfolded it. It was just matter of time before the Unholy Alliance's weapon of mass destruction would be set loose, but only the massive demon and his master knew when and who would be made an example of.

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