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Raising My Voice

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Raising My Voice

Post by Matthew on Mon Mar 27, 2017 1:24 am

As Intensity rolls on, we are taken to a dark room lit by a single bulb hanging from the ceiling. Within the small radius of light, we see the cold, dark stare of Voice Vindy. His eyes sending a strong message to those watching that he's a bad man and his slow steady breathing sets the tone as a dark one. With him being so quiet for so long, the wait for his mouth to open is worth it as finally after several moments, he speaks.

Voice Vindy
For weeks we've had to witness Omega Lee parade around these halls with something that doesn't belong to him. Something that I've fought so long to hold. I held it close, and in three seconds, he stole it from me. The next night I was no longer the immortal I believed to be. I was just a man while you get to come here and pretend to be the top dog. However, you're biggest mistake wasn't cashing in on me. It was cashing in on me and then focusing on somebody else.

He forms a wicked smile on his face before continuing his speech.

Voice Vindy
You can be the happiest man alive with everything in the world but if you got me as an enemy, that happiness won't last for every long. I've let you have your time alone. I haven't attacked you. I haven't spoken about you or what happened at the end of No Remorse. I got up and I moved on because I knew that my time was coming. At Takeover, it'll be me vs you. And I promise you Lee, you'll regret losing focus on the most dangerous man in CMV. I've hurt people since coming to Intensity. I've ended reigns and careers. I spend most of my time being the most dominant man on the roster and Takeover will be no different.

He closes his eyes for a second and smiles.

Voice Vindy
And then maybe you'll feel the same as Eric Matthews. Defeated. Broken. A shell of a man. Or maybe, you'll still feel the need to fight. You'll step up in front of all of these people and challenge my dominance. But I refuse to let what happened to me at No Remorse happen again. Omega Lee you are not on my level. You're just an ant in the presence of a dinosaur so stop pretending that you're anything more than that. Know your place.

Intensity Employee
Voice, you're on.

Voice looks up at the man poking his head in the door and walks out behind him. We then watch as he walks through the hall and towards the gorilla position.

Voice Vindy
Enjoy your final moments as the man.

He said, stopping at the bottom of the steps, looking in the camera.

Voice Vindy
But mark my words, you beat me after a hard fought victory over one of the best this business had to offer. Facing me at 100%, you'll never win.

And with that, he climbs up the steps and walks out onto stage for his match.

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Re: Raising My Voice

Post by Miztacular on Mon Mar 27, 2017 2:54 am

I really enjoyed reading this. Good job batman.

You've added something to a match that otherwise would've been just two men and a belt.

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