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Buckled Knee's

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Buckled Knee's

Post by Miztacular on Sat Mar 25, 2017 4:26 pm

Following her sneak attack on Fury after putting away Rose Punish. Sophia Caldwell stands in the center of the ring with her theme blaring around the arena, she runs to the side of the ring, gesturing for the rest of the group to come out from the back, and sure enough the other four make their way down to the ring, Compromise stands at the bottom of the ring, blocking any potential exit, while Jasmine and Emily take two separate sides of the ring. Caldwell gestures for Tia to retrieve a microphone and a chair from ringside to which she obliges.  Fury, still rather tired, see's no point in wasting her energy on these hooligans, and instead decides to lean against the turnbuckle pads in the corner, biding her time, recovering her energy as Caldwell sets out a chair in the center of the ring, staring at Fury as she's passed the microphone from Tia. Smiling for a moment, Caldwell raises the microphone to her mouth and begins to talk.

Sophia Caldwell:
You know Fury, when you first came here, I saw you as nothing more than a broken warrior who had zero fight left... Well now, now I see you as a broken warrior who has zero fight left and a Championship she doesn't deserve. Fury, look around. This will never end until I make it end. Every single time we have crossed someone, it has ended with them being beaten to a point they can't recover from, or beaten to a point where they have to retire. Look at Infinitee, Carter, Damjen. All retired at our hands. Rachel Grant was the next up and coming star, but then she crossed us and is now nothing. What I'm saying Fury, is there is only one way out of this, and that is with your demise. Don't get me wrong Fury, you may have beaten me once before, you may hold your unbeaten record so high up in the air, but let me just remind you what happened when we went at it backstage, when you gave me everything you had, but I came out on top. Wins and Losses mean virtually nothing Fury, it's who wins the war that counts. Look thoughout history. Historical warfare is full of people turning it around. One of the biggest bloodbaths in history was The Battle of Somme, and in the buildup to that the Germans were dominant, but they ended up losing everything. Just like you Fury. Because believe you me, we will not stop. However...

Caldwell steps up from her chair and approaches Fury. Gesturing for Tia to retrieve the Womens Intercontinental Championship from ringside, which she does, handing it to Caldwells free hand.

Sophia Caldwell:
There is a way this can end Fury, a way this can end without your knee's buckling, giving in on you forever, because I can, and I will make that happen Fury. We can have one final Showdown, at Takeover. Me, against you. No Holds Barred. Your CMV Womens Intercontinental Championship on the line. Win or Lose, you will not hear from us any longer.

Caldwell lowers the microphone for a moment and looks at Fury, who in turn is considering her options, behind Caldwell, Tia can be seen with a smirk on her face, she'd been wanting No Morality to go for the belts for months.

Sophia Caldwell:
Except Fury, if I win... I don't want this belt.

Caldwell snaps her fingers and Compromise slides into the ring, holding onto the shoulders of Tia who looks unhinged, enraged at the fact that Caldwell would once again give up the opportunity to win a Championship. Caldwell turns to Tia and shakes her head, disappointed, before turning back to Fury and throwing the belt at her.

Sophia Caldwell:
I don't need, nor want The Womens Intercontinental Championship, it has been my firm belief for nearly a year that one does not need a meaningless trophy to define their relevance. You could offer me the Undisputed Belt, and I would say no. However, as a former two time Womens Intercontinental Champion, I still hold that belt dear to my heart and I could not fathom you as Champion for more than a month. So should I win the belt, it will immediately be vacated. Those are my terms Fury... Think about it..

Caldwell throws the microphone at Furys feet before leaving the ring, followed by the other four members of No Morality to the top of the ramp, and Tia, still somewhat peeved drops off behind, exchanging words with Emily before the 5 of them reach the top of the ramp, where they extend their arms out in unison and stand in wait, for Fury to say what she has to say.

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Re: Buckled Knee's

Post by The Alpha Female FURY on Sat Mar 25, 2017 7:53 pm

Fury leans back against the turnbuckle pads, catching her breath and recovering from the brutal match with Rose Punish and the attack from Caldwell moments ago. The two stare each other down for a few moments  before Caldwell was hand a microphone and spoke, as she did so one could she Fury was clearly getting pissed off....no wait enraged. It took every ounce of the little self-control the Urban Warrior had to not spear the leader of No Morality right out of the chair.

Caldwell had guts, when she had the rest of No Morality to back her up. She approached Fury while gesturing Tia to bring her the Womens IC belt while Fury kept her eyes on her the whole time. The Urban Warrior almost snarling as she stood face to face with Caldwell as No Moralitys leader dared to challenge her to a No Holds Barred match for the title.

How ironic...Fury challenged Caldwell to a match at Unchained, and she didn’t have the nerve to come down to the ring and accept it face to face. Before Fury had a chance to answer, Caldwell threw the microphone to her feet and left the ring, leading her crew up to the top of the ramp before stopping and waiting for Furys answer.

The Urban Warrior stood there for a moment, then she laughed before bending down to pick up the mic.

Fury: Caldy, Caldy, Caldy. You seriously don’t know when to cut your loses do you, well its clear that its not the title that drives this odd need of yours to keep provoking me. Your just obsessed with me, if i didn’t know better I’ll say you want me....

Well sorry to slay your dreams, actually im not sorry to slay your dreams, but i’m a happily married woman and I don’t swing that way.

This got some laughter from the crowd for a moment but the mood quickly changes as Fury continues as she picks up her title.

Fury: You keep going on about how I’m a broken warrior with zero fight left, well i’ve got news for you. I have the fucking fight left in me, despite my buckled knees, i’ve been fighting. Every day I’m in the gym training or having physiotherapy, building myself back up. Learning how to push myself to the limits, and judging how i just beat punish and went 11-0 I say its working so far.

Now there’s a saying that my home country the Isle of Man has, actuality its more of a motto. Quocunque Jeceris Stabit, which basically means whichever way you throw me I will always stand. So Caldwell you want it, you got it. Takeover, You Me, No Holds Barred, IC title on the line. You might win Caldy but I’m setting it straight right now, win or lose, no matter what you hit me with, you will not be adding my name to your list of those you retired!  One lost? It doesn’t matter I will stand back up, and I will just be meaner than ever.

You will learn, whether its at Takeover or another night...YOU DO NOT FUCK WITH FURY!!!

With that Fury throws the microphone over her shoulder and gives all of No Morality the double middle fingers.

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