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From The Ground Up.

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From The Ground Up.

Post by KingWolf on Fri Mar 24, 2017 7:02 pm

We're live at the CMV Takeover Pay Per View, moments away from the Co-Main Event of the evening, the CMV World Championship Triple Threat Match to which Chris Adams looks to make his first defense as the CMV World Champion against two Veterans of CMV, Sunshine, and Jaymes Landon Vain. But before that gets underway we are taken backstage to the locker room of the former Tag Team Champion. The "Meta Human" Jaymes Landon Vain. The door opens for the camera crew to step inside, across the room is Jaymes Landon Vain, adjusting his hair in the mirror, he turns around to face the camera with a smirk on his face, knowing that he is just moments away from getting his first Title Shot that isn't inside an Elimination Chamber. He looks straight at the camera, his aura flooding the room as he begins to talk.

Now, it's been a long while since I was able to get my voice heard. That all changes today, as I am on the fast track to the world championship of UnMatched. This holds a very special place in my heart, a special place that I reserved for this moment. Ever since I started the building blocks to achieving my set goals. There was nothing that was going to stop me from obtaining what I wanted. THEN, I got sidelined due to some freak accident. Not once, but twice. I was left to pick up the shambles of the former man known as the Meta Human. The strongest competitor in all of CMV when it comes to brute strength and physics. My moniker led me to a faction you knew as The Authority.

Jaymes takes a moment, savoring his words, realizing the moment. Being so close to bringing home the World Championship home to Columbia, he nods his head subtly, convinced that tonight is his night, but in a moments notice he locks back onto the camera, as serious as ever as he presses on.

The Authority isn't going to be what I am linked to, the tag team championships of which I won alongside that nobody who shall not be named as he's gone for good. WILL NOT DEFINE WHAT JAYMES LANDON VAIN IS AND FOREVER WILL BE IN THE HISTORY BOOKS. It started with a childhood dream, and that dream quickly turned into a nightmare. This time, it's different. This time, I'm not about showing off and looking good. I'm about showing off, looking good and making every move count in the process. You say vanity, I say confident. You say cocky, I say I back it up. Marko Punish found out what I had in store, locked far away in the trenches of my mind. What I am capable of is purely endless, I'm stronger, i'm better, and I'm faster than I ever was. Chris Adams, we have a long history together. We both fought to get to the position we're at now. Sunshine, your mind games lack the intelligence to work on me. I'm going to punch both of you in the face and walk out your NEW World Champion.

Pacing himself back and forth and then puts both his arms out with a sly smirk trying to get himself in a more relaxed manner. Raising his eyebrow and tilting his head, he carries on.

Let that sink in, let that be heard loud and clear. I made my mark on Marko, and now I am ready to take center focus. You have what belongs to me, the big belt is to be in my possession. You can't take this moment from me, it's inevitability. ONE WAY, OR ANOTHER, you will feel what Zero Remorse is really ALLLL about. Oh, and The Revolt.. yeah we're not going to talk about that disaster. Even though, I made Zack Starr and Nick Starr stars, pun intended.. by adding their name next to me in the group. No big deal, right?

Obviously being sarcastic with the last comment/remark. With that all said an done, Vain picks up his shades from his desk, and as he ushers the camera crew out of the locker room, he leaves them with a lasting image, the calculated smile of a man who fully believes that tonight is his night, that it's his match to lose, he slaps on his shades and whispers "It's Showtime" before closing the door on the camera crew causing the segment to fade to ringside.


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