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The White Tigers Hunting Ground

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The White Tigers Hunting Ground

Post by Miztacular on Fri Mar 24, 2017 6:06 pm

Day Two of Takeover Kicks off to the sound of Jon Richards' Theme blaring throughout the arena as it plays through the PA System, moments pass by and Richards comes out from the back, flanked by "The Voice of Authority" here on UnMatched, Arthur Blackwell, a mic in hand. The duo make their way down the ring, a menacing smile on the face of Blackwell who waves off the boo's from the crowd as they walk past, looking to enter the ring. Blackwell makes his way up the steel steps while Richards leaps onto the apron. The two of them enter the ring, and Blackwell, with the mic in his hand waits a few moments for the crowd to simmer down before he begins to talk.

Arthur Blackwell:
Ladies and Gentlemen by this time you already know my client, the man who put down this Companies World Champion in last weeks Main Event. The man who's only been put to the ground twice in his 6 month CMV Career, and the guy who.... Won't, be winning this years Royal Rumble.

The crowd looks around, confused, baffled at the sight of Blackwell putting his own guy down, while in the ring, Richards simply chuckles while Blackwell continues on.

Arthur Blackwell:
No, this man right here, he is doesn't HAVE to win the rumble, he will be in the match, but unlike everyone else in that match, his performance does not define his career. Jon here, has just beaten the World Champion of this brand, he is already a star, and whether he wins the rumble or not, he will find his way into the Main Event of iMPLOSION regardless. Look at it. Lets take a look at the facts. he's just beaten Adams, rather candidly I might add, and Sunshine hasn't and probably never will be the same following that Elimination Chamber match. So all we have left is Jaymes Landon Vain... All I have to say here, is there is a reason Vain has never won anything more than a Tag Team Championship. I hope all three men in that Title match our paying attention, because if they're not, they will be after what goes down tonight.


As much of a star as Richards is, he is not the reason I have come out here tonight. I am out here to announce another participant in this years Royal Rumble, his name isn't important, but what is important is that the Royal Rumble match will become the hunting ground for my beast, for my White Tiger, if you will, and every single man inside this rumble shall be his lunch. He will make this Royal Rumble... "Powerbomb Central" and he will tear through all who stand in his way.

Now you may be thinking, well if he's so dominant why not make him come out at one? Well I want to see the immediate fear in the eyes of the men standing in his wake as he makes his way down to the ring, he is an athlete on another level, and ladies and gentlemen, HE will be the man who stands above all else and comes out of this Rumble, heading into iMPLOSION's Main Event and I dare anyone in the back to stand in his way.

You shall see, Ladies and Gentlemen believe me when I say... You shall see.

Blackwell drops the microphone in the center of the ring as Richards' theme once again hits the PA system, and to a plethora of boo's the duo leave the ring and head to the back as we get ready for tonights opening match.


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