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The New Orient Express is back on the rails!

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The New Orient Express is back on the rails!

Post by Road Warrior Rage on Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:46 am

Backstage Interview segment with Mr. Showtime

Lisa Evans - Hi Mister Showtime! It's been awhile since we saw you after you lost your tag title rematch.

Showtime - Don't remind me. That sucked! I let Takeshi down, I let myself down, and I let our fans down.

Lisa - There's rumors that The New Orient Express might be breaking up. Any truth to those rumors?

Showtime - We're down but not out. Not yet. Takeshi took the loss a lot harder than yours truly did. He wants to focus more on singles and so do I. But we'll still tag sometimes! Hopefully we'll earn another tag title shot and get another run with that championship!

Lisa - The New Orient Express and the Wanderers are on friendly terms to say the least. What happens if they somehow win the tag titles? Would The Express challenge them?

Showtime - Damn straight! Yeah, we're buddies with the Wanderers but when it comes down to the tag team championship, friendship would have to be put on hold. I don't wanna hurt big Gav and the Bish but I'll do whatever it takes to win those straps back.

Lisa - Anything else you'd like to add?

Showtime - We're not done yet! We're just gotten started! We'll train that much harder and prove to the CMV universe that we're the best! Sooner or later The New Orient Express will be the Tag Team Champions again! The Express may have gotten derailed but that won't stop us for long. We'll steam past the competition and doing it with style!

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