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The Insitute...

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The Insitute...

Post by Miztacular on Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:03 am

The camera opens up, in the middle of a forest, a slight humming can be heard from whoever is holding the camera, as the camera is forced through the tree's and other foliage it cracks into an opening revealing a building, two buildings both huge in size, one evidently a church, Catholic symbolism littered all over the place.. The camera is placed down as a figure walks in front of it, still humming, the figure begins to sing along with his tune..

One.. Two, someone's coming for you...

The figure lets out a laugh before continuing, he slowly begins to turn around as he continues on.

Three...Four,  you better lock your door...

Now fully facing the camera, the figure walks forward, his head out of the view of the camera..

Five... Six, get your crucifix.

The figure begins to lower, getting closer and closer to revealing his face.

Seven... Eight, you can try to escape...

As the face gets into the frame, it's revealed to be a replica sunshine mask.

Nine... Ten, try to run again...

The singing stops, and the figure begins to let out a maniacal laugh as he looks deep into the camera straight down onto the arena as the silent CMV Universe watches, trying to put all of this madness together. The figure gets up and turns around, removing the sunshine mask, putting it on the floor where he then stomps on it. A loud crack can be heard as the mask is crushed under his boot.

Sunshine! You know what this is! You know where this is! Which means you must know who I am... The only person crazy enough in CMV History to go where you'll go, to see what you'll see, to think how you think. There was a time Sunshine... There was a time where I couldn't control this darkness, where it took over me and I took it out on the roster of CMV. But now Sunshine, now I know what you don't know. I know how to control this... This power. For all you people who don't know what THIS PLACE is... This is Sunshines home, this is where he goes, when things become too much for him to handle, when he's pushed to a place in which he can no longer control himself. This is where he goes, this place "The Institute". This is where Sunshine became who he was, controlled by Nuns, this place, this ASYLUM, is the reason Sunshine is as deranged as he is today, this is the place he calls home. Well Sunshine, when I'm finished here today, there'll be no home, no sanctuary for you. There will nowhere to run, the only place you'll be able to go is exactly where I want you. Inside a CMV ring.

After tonight, there'll be no more running, no more hiding, and no place to evolve. I saw you at No Remorse Sunshine, arguably the lowest you've ever been as you left that arena "laughing" if you could really call it that, but I saw straight through it, that laughing was just you trying to hide your pain, your emotional, and I read you like a book Sunshine, see I made sure to get here first... We won't see a repeat of what we saw at Contingency, where you came back better than ever. No. You WILL show up at Takeover, you WILL have your triple threat match, where we will once again see your soul crushed before our very eyes as your tremble at the feet of adversary, be it Chris Adams, or Jaymes Landon Vain you will not be walking out with your belt, and you will not be walking out with your pride.

How will I ensure you make it.... Let me show you how.

The mystery figure lets off another chuckle as he turns around, lowering his head ensuring the hood he wears covers his eyes, the figure walks towards the camera picking it up, he walks towards the Asylum and whistles with a sharp pitch into the air.

Wait for it...

A slow mechanical sound can be heard rumbling in the background, the mystery figure turns around, revealing two machines, a bulldozer and a crane with a wrecking ball attached to it. The drivers also wearing replica Sunshine masks as the figure continues to laugh.

Sunshine... Next time you try to pick a fight with me, you finish it. because now I have to be the one to finish it and well.... You're not going to like how this ends Sunshine.. It's been a while since I've let out the darkness and boy am I loving it... I can only imagine what is going on on your face underneath that ittle bittle mask of yours. HAVE AT IT BOYS.

The Machines come down on the Asylum, smashing it to smithereens, and as the wreckage occurs in the background, this mystery figure continues to talk.

This is only the start Sunshine. For I know there is but one more thing you hold dear to your heart. Something that even the mere mention will ensure you do as I say...

The figure pulls out a picture, on it, Kristen Page, he lets out yet another crazy laugh as he sets the picture on fire.

Don't think I won't do it Sunshine... I've done, I've seen, far worse.

The figure falls to his knee's, dropping the flaming picture, rubble from the church and the asylum fall around him, the sound of a bell can be heard as it comes crashing into the ground and the mysterious figure lets off a booming laugh once more.

If you want me... I'll be backstage at Takeover... I know I'll see you there Sunshine.. No more running, no more hiding. You're mine and I have you right where I want you. See you soon...

The figure throws the camera down to the floor, letting Sunshine see the remains of his home, letting him see the utter destruction this mystery competitor has left in his wake, moments go by and the camera immediately cuts to black as it crushed by rubble.

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